ME! Bath Advanced Body Care product review*

Hello my loves! Today I’m coming atcha with another product review. A few weeks ago, the lovely folks over at ME! Bath offered to send me some products for review and let me take my pick from their website. I love taking baths, I love skincare products and I love feeling pampered, so how could I say no? I asked them to try out products from their Advanced Body Care line in Madagascar vanilla and lavender. The products got here in no time, and after using them for a week, I have a review for you all!!

The Madagascar vanilla and lavender products are supposed to reduce wrinkles and age spots, as well as fight acne and eczema, according to their site. It seemed great to try for my oily to combination skin and lavender is my all-time favorite scent in skincare products, so you can definitely say I was excited to get these!


First up, we have the tri-functional sugar scrub. Their website says, “this tri-functional exfoliating sugar scrub is a revolutionary 3-in-1 formula that exfoliates, cleanses, & moisturizes. gentle enough to be used daily, this sugar-based scrub is infused with the finest organic jojoba oil, known for its remarkable ability to stimulate the production of your body’s own natural emollient.”

I took a bath the other night and used the sugar scrub all over my body, and let me tell you, I felt super luxurious doing it. The consistency is a little thicker than other sugar scrubs I’ve used, but definitely not in a bad way. Once I got used to that, it felt amazing to use it and my skin felt so nice, soft and moisturized after! Definitely felt really fancy and pampered!


While taking my bath, I dropped two of the effervescent bath soaks in the water. Their website says, “this therapeutic bath soak, infused with rare 100% organic jojoba oil & epsom salt, will replenish lost moisture while absorbing key minerals & nutrients.alpha glucosyl hesperidin has been added to our classic creation to stimulate blood flow and promote a more youthful looking appearance.”

The best way to describe these would be like mini bath bombs. They didn’t have glitter in them or turn the water any colors like some of LUSH’s bath bombs do, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t feel just as nice on my skin once I got out! It made my bath smell like vanilla and lavender (duh) and combined with the body scrub, I smelled great that night.


Lastly, we have the rejuvenating body lotion! I applied this after my bath and it was the perfect end to a night of pampering myself. Their website says, “created to complement your daily & nightly advanced skin care regimen, our world-renowned rejuvenating body lotion works by stimulating older skin cells to communicate like younger & healthier skin cells. infused with a patented oligopeptide & ceramide blend, our one-of-a-kind formulation smoothes wrinkles & repairs age-related skin damage. thicker than most body lotions & faster absorbing than a traditional body butter, this unique product, rich in shea butter & anti-oxidants, will leave your skin feeling smooth & looking young & vibrant without the need for continuous reapplication.”

This lotion is rich, definitely thick and extremely moisturizing. I’ve been using it every day to apply all over my arms and legs and there’s nothing better to start the day than to smell this delicious! It’s definitely as hydrating as it promises to be, and it’s become a permanent addition to my daily routine, when I tended to suck at actually applying lotion every day beforehand.

ME! Bath was extremely gracious, generous and lovely to send me their products for review, and I hope this helps you consider them next time you’re looking into new skincare products! They sent me another set of bath soaks in toasted coconut and lime, but since coconut is not my favorite smell, I passed it onto my mom and I will let everyone know what she says when she uses them!

Definitely check out their website and see all the different products they have. Thank you ME! Bath for sharing these goodies with me! Let me know what you thought in the comments!



Slightly belated June favorites

Hi guys! How’s everyone doing? I’ve been really busy so I’ve been slacking a bit with my blog this past week, but I’m posting this today and scheduling two more posts for the upcoming week to tide us over until things calm down a bit! That being said, while I’ve had this blog for two months now (two months today, actually, happy month-aversary to me!), I’ve never done a monthly favorites post before. So here’s my first ever monthly favorites post!


Here we have:

  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder in the color Buff: I use this mainly to set my under eye concealer, and I really like how it feels! I’ve noticed some creasing but I’m not sure if that’s the powder or my concealer, so I don’t want to discard this one quite yet.
  • NYX Roll On Shimmer in Salmon: This is actually something I’ve had for a long time now but I just recently rediscovered it and it had to make my favorites list! On days where I don’t feel like spending a lot of time on my eyeshadow, this is perfect to dab on and make my look shimmery and sparkly!
  • MAC Lipstick in Impassioned: You may have seen me rave about this for one of my 30 days of lipstick posts, and it’s the first lipstick that I thought of when I was trying to pick a favorite for this month. It’s a lovely color, stays forever and will probably become a staple in my collection.
  • Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner: I got this in my ipsy a few months ago and I picked it up a few weeks ago because I was working (and still am) on using up all the samples I’ve received. I love wearing it alone or underneath makeup and if it weren’t $45 dollars for a full sized one I would totally buy it!
  • 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment: This is also something else I only picked up to go through all my samples but I’ve been loving it lately! When I actually have the time to wash and dry my hair, I spritz this on before blowdrying and I’ve found it really helps!
  • Nourish Organic Face Cleanser: I didn’t like this at first because of the smell, but after a month of using it every day, I actually barely notice it anymore! The best part is, my face does feel a lot better and I’ve had a lot less breakouts as well.
  • Simple Cleansing Micellar Water: Almost everyone I follow recommended this to me, and boy am I glad to have checked it out! I love using it to take off my makeup or just to give my face a nice, clean feel. It actually works really well to remove my eye makeup, and it just makes my face feel super clean and hydrated!

So here we have my June favorites! What made your list this month? As always, let me know what you thought and don’t forget to follow me on instagram and twitter!


Makeup and skincare wishlist

Much like everyone else I’m sure, being on here has made me add so many different products to my wish list! Every time I read someone’s post about their new hauls, I add a couple of things to my wish list. As it is, here’s what’s currently on it.

  • MAC lipstick! Currently on my list are Vegas Volt, Please Me, Candy Yum-Yum, Chatterbox, Flamingo, Girl About Town, 5 Alarm, Sophisto, Sweetie, Men Love Mystery, Tropic Tonic, D for Danger, Studded Kiss, Russian Red, Silly, Pink Pigeon, Pink Plaid, Flat Out Fabulous, All Fired Up, and Rebel. I know this is a lot (21 lipsticks, sheesh) but I probably will swatch some and not want them or find them too similar to something else I have, so if anything, this is like a list of lipsticks to look at eventually.
  • Too Faced melted lipstick in melon and fig. I could probably buy five more of these if I just looked at them long enough, I’m sure.
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy, which I saw in a video by Vivianna and it looks SO NICE. I really wanna try this for myself now.
  • Alba Botanica Pore Purifying Mini Peel, thanks to Savannah over at Beauty Bunny! She made a post about it the other day and I’ve been dying to try it since. I almost bought it at Walgreens but I got some other goodies instead, so it’s on my wish list for now!
  • Micellar water, which I found out about thanks to Ana over at Ravishing Roses! It seems everyone now is talking about this, but I distinctly remember hearing about it from her first because I’d never heard of it before and it definitely intrigued me!
  • Essie nail polish in any pastel colors, but especially blue and mint green. I don’t know why I’m suddenly super into pastels, but it’s all I want to wear lately! Unfortunately, I can’t wear nail polish at work that isn’t neutral and goes with my skin tone, but I definitely want to invest in more pastels!
  • Real Techniques brushes, simply because you can never have too many brushes! I just invested in some really cute BH Cosmetics travel brush sets (I got thisthis and this) but I really want the core collection from Real Techniques and the stippling brush as well.
  • Last but not least, Evian facial spray! I read this in a post (I can’t remember where) and now I’m super intrigued to try it and see how I like it!

I could probably go on for ages, but I think this is a good idea of what I want right now. Any ideas or suggestions? What’s on your wish list?