Shop My Stash: ColourPop lippie stix

Hi my loves! Sorry for the extended delay in getting this post out, I miscalculated how many posts I had scheduled and between that and extending my trip by three weeks, I totally didn’t realize I had this post that wasn’t up yet! Obviously, I took these pictures before I left the US, but it’s my last pre-taken post. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to come up with a few more posts that I can photograph here to post before I go back to the US, since I only have two weeks left, but if I do, you guys will be the first to know!


I first heard of ColourPop through my ex, who told me all about this awesome indie company with affordable, great quality lipsticks. I placed my first order almost a year ago, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! A few of the lipsticks I’ve gotten have been a miss, so they’ve been passed on to my sister or other friends, so these are the ones who made the cut!


First, let’s start with nudes. From left to right, we have: Topanga, Peppermint, Cookie, Frida, Bound, and Lumière.


Up next, we have the reds. From left to right, we have: LBB, Bichette, Ellarie, Dazed, Bossy, Frenchie and Clique.


And lastly, we have the purples and pinks! From left to right, we have: Flawless, Heart On, Scandy, I <3 This, Punky, Trixie, Toucan and Fetch. (I think.)

Let me tell you, figuring out the swatches for some of these was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a while because I was dumb enough to not take a picture of the lippies in the order I swatched them where I could clearly see the name, and a lot of these are really similar in color, so it took everything in me to get it right (and I still might have messed up some).

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Do you have any ColourPop lippie stix? Which one’s your favorite?



Makeup storage and collection!

Hi friends! So I’ve been meaning to write this post for AGES now but I’m just now getting around to it because I had to organize everything and that took longer than expected.

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


This is what my vanity looks like when you’re standing in front of it (please ignore my mess in the background and my sloppy finals week look). The vanity is from IKEA and was a gift from my parents when I moved into my new apartment with my little sister, it just took some time to get it in there and put it together! I absolutely love it and I love the bay windows in my room where it fits perfectly.


This is what’s on the right, behind the mirror that usually sits on this side. The lipstick holder I won in a giveaway and it holds 24 lipsticks. I have 14 Wet N Wild MegaLast lipsticks and nine MAC lipsticks (although I took these pictures before I bought Whirl, so it’s now 10 MAC lipsticks). Then I have the Ben Nye Final Seal and the UD oil control setting spray, along with some eye makeup remover (I’m like 95% sure it’s Boots).


Then we have what’s arguably my favorite part AKA lipstick! From left to right, we have lip liners, ColourPop Lippie Stix, and two things of liquid lipstick. The pots are actually from IKEA and I believe are technically flower pots but they’re just so cute!


Then we have one more container with liquid lipstick (lol can you tell I have a problem), this one with all the minis I have! They’re mostly Stila with two KVD and one theBalm lipstick. I keep my knock off beauty blender on my vanity, but I barely ever use it since I started using a Real Techniques brush for foundation! The brush holders are actually from BH Cosmetics and I loooooove them, the brushes are great and they fit every brush in my collection!


Then we have the two little drawers on the side. On the one on the left, under my MAC lipsticks, I keep all the extra lip products that don’t fit in the lipstick holders on my dresser, plus stuff that doesn’t fit in the cups where I have my lip liners and liquid lipsticks.


On the other drawer, I keep all my go to face stuff. It’s all kind of stacked right now so you can’t really tell what’s there, but I have my Ben Nye powder, my OFRA setting powder, the elf under eye setting powder, Mary and Cindy Lou Manizer, Champagne Pop, the dupethat highlighter collab with OFRA, a BECCA primer, and all my concealers (Rimmel, NARS and UD).


Then we have the drawer that’s under my vanity, where I keep all my eyeshadow palettes, my blog planner and notebook, and my makeup wipes!


On the first little separation, I keep the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and underneath is the Stila In the Light palette, and next to it are all three Naked palettes!


In the middle separation, I keep both of theBalm’s Nude Dude palettes, my MUA palettes, and the Lorac Love, Lust and Lace palette.


And lastly, some oh so glamorous makeup wipes and my blog planner and notebook!


Then on one of my dresses, we have these four drawers along with three lipstick holders with 12 spots each. Next to these, I keep my Too Faced BB Creme because the packaging is so cute! I need something else that looks this cute to display next to it though.


Bear with me here because these are a bit outdated, but most of the stuff is the same. In the top one, we have my Too Faced melted lipsticks, my LA Girl lip paints, and my LA Girl Matte Flat lipsticks. In the middle one, we have some NYX lipsticks and a bunch of random brands: Maybelline, Lip Bar, Clinique, Bésame Cosmetics, Stila, bareMinerals, Manna and Lancome. And in the first one, we have NARS, Sephora, bareMinerals, Little Mix by Collection, and J.Cat Beauty! Whew, that was a lot.

The only difference between these pictures and what it is now is that I gave away that Stila lipstick, I put the Manna and Lancome glosses (and the mini bareMinerals lipstick)  on my vanity in one of the drawers and I used those spots for the lipsticks that Lucie gave me in our exchange!


Then we have the drawer set on the other side of my vanity. First let me give a shoutout to my friend Hayley, who makes these beautiful bows and gave me Black Widow, Winter Soldier, and Captain America bows recently! You should totally order some of her amazing and beautifully crafted bows on her website, linked above.

But anyway, I digress. The top drawer has all my mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow products, along with some eyeshadow primers and an OFRA eyeshadow, which I’m not sure why I put there anyway.


The next drawer has all my ColourPop shadows, along with my Maybelline Color Tattoos and some other random eyeshadow products.


Then we have the hot mess drawer, which is a lot of primer, cream highlighters and samples of various things I couldn’t fit in one of the other drawers!


And lastly, we have my ColourPop highlighters, a setting powder I received in a Boxycharm, some foundation and some powder that I just don’t use as much as other ones.

So that’s my makeup storage and collection! I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know if there are any products you’re curious about so I can write a review or post about them! Thanks for reading!!


Shop My Stash: Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks

Hello loves! In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about some of my FAVORITE liquid lipsticks ever! These are way up there on my list of lipsticks, probably tied with the OFRA liquid lipsticks… hmm, maybe I should do a post about all my favorite liquid lipsticks! Is that something you guys would like to see? Let me know!


My love affair with these lipsticks began this summer when I received one of these in my Birchbox. Once I tried it, I knew it was true love! I remember being amazed at the formula and in love with the color, and as you can see, my collection expanded quite rapidly after that!


The thing I love about these lipsticks is that they are amazing quality, dry to fully matte, they’re almost completely transfer proof, and they really stay all day, but they’re not horribly drying like some of the other formulas I’ve found. They aren’t moisturizing per se, but they’re definitely better than the driest matte lipstick you’ve tried (which one comes to mind?), so they’re really quite good! And just look at that range of colors!


So let’s start with the swatches, shall we? From top to bottom, we have Fiore, Bella, Amalfi, Caramello, Baci, and Patina.


And here we have Venezia, Beso, Fiery, Ricco, Chianti, Aria and Como!

You may remember having seen in my makeup storage post I gave away Como because I won’t wear it so I’d rather give it to someone who will, but I took these pictures before that and I figured I might as well include it in the post anyway!

The first one of these I ever owned was Venezia, which came in a Birchbox over the summer. I got Amalfi in a Sephora haul a few months ago, Bella and Fiore with Birchbox points, and the rest were all from the Eternal Love and Eternally Yours holiday sets that my sister gave me for my birthday!

I definitely have a very strong and passionate love for these lipsticks and couldn’t live without them. Do you own any of these? Which ones? And if not, which ones would you want to try?

Thanks for reading!


Shop My Stash: eyeshadow palettes + blog update

Hi friends! How’s everyone doing on this lovely Thursday afternoon? I’m gearing myself up for my second to last Halloween Horror Nights shift tonight… 5:30 to 2:30 am, oy. But this weekend will be great so not even two nights of HHN can put a damper on my excitement!

It’s not really a blog update per se as much as it is a bit of an announcement, but I’m anxiously awaiting hitting 200 followers so I can do a giveaway! When I’m closer to 200, I’ll post a bit of a sneak peek, but know that there are already two boxes full of goodies for someone to win!

For today’s edition of Shop My Stash, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite babies and the pride and joy of my makeup collection — eyeshadow palettes! I’ve collected quite a few of these bundles of joy and I wanted to share them with you guys. Let’s get on with it!


For the sake of this post, I defined palettes as anything with more than five shades in it, which excludes one or two trios and quads that I have. That being said, here are all my palettes! Isn’t this just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?


Up first is my holy grail of eyeshadow palettes, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I got this one a few months ago as a present for my girlfriend, but before I could get it to them, they broke up with me, so I obviously kept the palette, and boy, am I glad I did! With 16 shades (six matte, four shimmer, and five metallic), this palette is perfect for neutral lovers but with a bit of a kick. The shadows are incredibly pigmented, smooth and easy to apply, and very long lasting and I love them more than I can say. Plus, it smells like chocolate!


Ah, Naked 3. My first high end eyeshadow palette, the rose gold apple of my eye… I could say so much about this palette and never stop. While I’ve been debating between which other Naked palette to get, I can’t deny that I’m obsessed with Naked 3 and my love for it will never run out! This palette comes with 12 shades in total (three matte, the rest are all shimmer/satin/glitter/metallic/I don’t know how to classify them) and is perfect for a neutral eye with a hint of rose gold. The only downside to this palette is that it’s a bit lacking in matte shades, but it’s pretty great otherwise.


Stila’s in the light palette is one of my newest babies and honestly a palette I would repurchase were it not discontinued. Sad. This palette comes with ten shades (four matte, three shimmer, three metallic) and some of the best neutral eyeshadows I’ve ever tried (I’m looking at you, kitten and bubbly) but it’s also got a beautiful blue shade as well as a matte black shade. I love this palette and can’t get enough of it!



Two of my newest babies are theBalm Nude ‘Tude and Nude Dude palettes. So new I haven’t even done a haul for them yet! I got these on HauteLook right before I started my birthday no buy, and while I haven’t had much chance to try them yet, I’m so glad I got them! I’ve been wanting these for ages now, so when I saw them on sale and realized I could get both of them for the price of one, I couldn’t resist! Each palette comes with 12 shades: they each have four matte and eight shimmer/metallic shades. Maybe I’ll do a first impressions post once I’ve had my chance to try them out some more?


Now, I will admit I haven’t used this palette at all since I got it, but the range of colors intimidates me a bit! Coastal Scents’ Revealed 3 palette has 20 shades (five matte and 15 shimmer/metallic) and while it does have some great neutral shades, it has a lot of shades that look beautiful but are just a tad outside my comfort zone. I need to work my way up to this!


Another fairly recent purchase is Sephora’s Moonshadow baked palette. This has ten baked shadows in a beautiful range of colors going from neutral to a beautiful purple that I’m dying to try! This was a bit cast aside as I got it at the same time as the stila one I mentioned above and I kind of forgot about it. Note to self: use this palette more.


We’re almost through guys! Almost there! This beauty here is the Spring Break palette from Make Up Academy. A friend of mine got it for me when she was in the UK a few months ago and I asked her for a few MUA things and I knew I needed this palette. It’s a good mix of neutral tones but with a few colors that are just a tad out of my comfort zone, but I’d probably still be willing to try. It has 12 shades with one matte and the rest are all shimmers.


Last but not least is the All About the Eyes palette from Little Mix for Collection. I got a few things sent to me from another friend from the UK and this was one of the things I definitely wanted to try out and I’m glad I did! It’s small compared to the rest of the palettes I talked about in this post with only six shades, but there’s enough variety in them to be able to do plenty of different looks! The only matte shade is the black shade on the right and the rest are all shimmers.

So that’s every single one of my palettes! Whew! Did everyone make it to the end okay? If you did, thanks for reading and be sure to tell me in the comments what you thought! What’s your holy grail palette? Which one of these have you tried? Which one would you steal if you could?


Shop My Stash: my highlighter collection

Hello my friends! Sorry this post comes so late in the day but I was too busy watching Agents of SHIELD all day to get my ass off the couch and write this. So basically, I have no excuses. (Do any of you watch it? I’m about halfway through season two and I am DYING!)


For my second installment of “Shop My Stash,” I wanted to talk about my newest favorite product: HIGHLIGHTER! I’ve definitely collected a lot of these considering I got my first ever highlighter in my June Boxycharm… consider me addicted! Here is everything in my precious and beautiful highlighter collection, are you guys ready to hear all about them?


Let’s start with some of my newest babies and what I’d been eagerly waiting to get my hands on, theBalm’s Mary-Lou and Cindy-Lou Manizers! I first found out about the Mary-Lou Manizer from my ex and even though I was quite young and naive and didn’t exactly get highlighters (this was way back when in 2014), I fell in love with this shimmery and shiny compact of beauty (and especially the packaging)! So I caved and bought it on Birchbox using points I’d accumulated and I’ve got to say, I’m extremely glad I did!


Here we have Cindy-Lou on the bottom and Mary-Lou on the top. As you can probably gather from the swatches, Mary-Lou is much more shimmery than Cindy-Lou, but I love Cindy-Lou nonetheless! Mary-Lou is more of a honey-hued highlight and is quite shiny, whereas Cindy-Lou is a more subtle peachy pink highlight (and blush). What can I say? I love those Manizer sisters! Too bad Betty is way too dark for me or I would have it already.


Up next is one of the most talked about highlighters of the year: Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration with BECCA Cosmetics, AKA Champagne Pop, AKA the most beautiful thing I’ve ever put on my face! I was anxiously awaiting the end of my first ever no buy to get my hands on this baby, and boy, am I glad I did! It’s the softest, most beautiful, most perfect thing I’ve ever touched and I don’t regret those 38 dollars EVER.


Champagne Pop is described as a soft white gold with pinky peach undertones and while it’s beautiful and I absolutely love it, I’m not sure how this would suit anyone who’s extremely pale. Any ghostly pale people out there who have tried it and want to chime in? I tend to be able to get away with stuff that might not be suited for my skin tone because of my freckles so I really can’t say! Regardless, the quality of this is magnificent and if you haven’t tried one of these babies, I would recommend it!


Up next, we have all the highlighters I’ve received from beauty boxes (coincidentally, none of these are powder. First, we have the So Susan Statement Skin highlighting crayon, The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew highlighting cream, and the too cool for school Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion highlighter in #2 Baby Pink Clam.


From left to right, we have So Susan, The Beauty Crop, and too cool for school. These are beautiful highlighters but I haven’t had a chance to use them much, especially once I got Champagne Pop and Mary-Lou Manizer. I’ve used the So Susan one a lot and I like how it applies and it’s not hard to bend, but I feel like as far as lasting powers go, it doesn’t have much of that, but then again, I’ve only used it a handful of times and most of those times I was outside in Florida in the summer and naturally quite sweaty.


And last, we have the ColourPop Super Shock Cheek highlighters in the colors Stole the Show, Lunch Money, Spoon, Smokin’ Whistles and Wisp. These highlighters are absolutely FANTASTIC and so incredibly pigmented, but they’re all fairly new acquisitions so I haven’t had a chance to try them yet!

IMG_0520From top to bottom, we have Stole the Show, Lunch Money, Spoon, Smokin’ Whistles and Wisp. I also bought Butterfly Beach when I purchased Wisp, but it was way too dark on me and looked more like I tried to highlight my face with bronzer, so I passed it on to my sister who tans quite easily and will get more use out of it than I would, since I tend to avoid sun contact (which in Florida, is pretty damn hard).

Wisp even looks alarmingly dark next to all the other ColourPop shades next to it, but I tried it on as I was taking these pictures to see if I could actually pull it off and it looks quite nice on! If I get too pale for it during the “winter,” my cousins are more tan than I am, so they’d probably appreciate it too.

So there we have it! My entire highlighter collection. Feel free to let me know what you thought in the comments below and tell me if you’ve tried any of these before or what your holy grail highlighter is!


Shop My Stash: Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color

Hello friends! Welcome to a new weekly series in my blog called “Shop My Stash”! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because while I always talk about new makeup I’ve gotten, I don’t often talk about the oldies but goodies I have in my makeup collection! Before anyone gets too excited, no, nothing here will be for sale. Sorry to disappoint!


Today I’ve got for you the Wet n Wild MegaLast lip color. You’ve probably heard of these because there are few beauty bloggers out there who don’t rave about them! They’re amazing quality, very comfortable to wear and the best part is, they’re only two dollars a pop! How could you say no?

I’ve had a handful of these but recently I’ve been inspired by KathleenLights’ videos to get some more colors to add to my collection, so I thought these would be a good first installment to my series. Let’s move on to the colors themselves, shall we?


From left to right, we’ve got:

  • Wine Room is a dusty pink with a little mauve in it, but definitely more pink than mauve.
  • Sugar Plum Fairy is a dark berry purple that is a very good dupe for MAC’s Rebel.
  • Smokin’ Hot Pink is not as hot or as bright as I imagined it! It’s more of a darker pink and a great day shade.
  • Don’t Blink Pink is a much brighter, cool-toned pink but still not quite neon.
  • Stoplight Red is a classic cool-toned red that reminds me of MAC’s Ruby Woo.
  • Pinkerbell is a very bright, very cool pink.
  • Cherry Picking is a dark berry pink, a perfect fall color.
  • Rose-bud is very similar to Wine Room but a little lighter. It’s a pink-ish nude (or nude-ish pink).
  • Red Velvet is a bright, eye-catching red that reminds me of Kat Von D’s Underage Red.
  • Lastly, Mauve Outta Here is exactly what it says: mauve.


From top to bottom: Mauve Outta Here, Red Velvet, Rose-bud, Cherry Picking, Pinkerbell, Stoplight Red, Don’t Blink Pink, Smokin’ Hot Pink, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Wine Room. The quality on these is amazing. They’re creamy, not very drying (but still matte), and they last a pretty long time. I don’t think I could love these more than I do, to be completely honest.

That being said, they do have a few downsides (but I still love them). First is the packaging. Like I said earlier, they only cost two dollars each, which is a great price for the quality, but as far as the packaging goes, you definitely get what you paid for. The packaging itself looks cheap, gets dirty really easily as the tube doesn’t roll down all the way, and just doesn’t look pretty.

The other downside is that since the tip is round, it can make precise application a little trickier. If you’re a pro at applying lipstick, you probably won’t struggle too much, but if putting lipstick on and keeping it within the lines (regardless of where you drew them!) is something you can’t do, then this lipstick will take some practice to apply.

That being said, these are small prices to pay for the quality of the product itself and how little you pay, right?

Do you guys own any of these? Do you love them? Hate them? Love to hate them? Let me know in the comments!