Shop My Stash: liquid and cream highlighters

Hi loves! In an effort to dig these out of the bottom of my makeup collection (figuratively, as they sit on top of my vanity 100% of the time), I thought I would write about all the different liquid and cream highlighters I’ve collected over the years! I’m definitely more of a powder highlight gal but I hoarded these because my love for highlighters runs deep, and now it’s their time to shine! (Ha!)


Up first, we have the Rimmel Good to Glow Highlighter in Soho Glow. This was a present from Lucie when she and I did our makeup exchange, as I had heard all about it from a few different bloggers!

Then we have the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics All Over Glow Luminizer Gel, the Beauty for Real Blush + Glow Stick, BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, So Susan Highlighting Crayon, The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream and Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion Highlighter.



And in that same order, here are the swatches!

I’ve used a few of these mixed in with my foundation or BB cream, but I struggle to reach for them as I feel like I don’t really notice a difference when I wear them. Any tips or ideas on how I could wear these every once in a while, instead of always reaching for my trusty powder highlighters?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments.



Shop My Stash: Essie nail polish

Hi guys! So I don’t know what happened to me the last two weeks but I had an unexpected hiatus and I’m back now! I had pictures taken but I just really couldn’t find it in me to write up these blog posts so I just let myself take a week off the blog but now I’m back with a post all about one of my favorite nail polish brands!

I haven’t really ever done a post talking about nail polish (other than mentioning it in hauls or favorites) but I wanted to talk about Essie polishes since they’re definitely way up there on my favorite nail polishes and I’ve amassed a small but nice collection of them over the years.


Six nail polishes may not seem like a lot, but considering they’re eight dollars a pop, my collection is nothing to scoff at! From left to right, we have Sugar Daddy, Eternal Optimist, Ladylike, Big Spender, Butler Please and Mint Candy Apple.

IMG_0003These three are the ones I like to think of as my work nail polishes, since unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear non-neutral colors to work. I’ll be completely honest — I’ve never worn Sugar Daddy, but I do like the color so I keep it for the day I decide I want to wear baby pink. Eternal Optimist and Ladylike are definitely two of my favorites to wear to work though! The formula on these is great and while no nail polish can survive on my nails, these last really well.

IMG_0004And these colors are the ones I’d love to wear on a daily basis but unfortunately can only get away with when I have a lot of time away from work. I’ve never worn Mint Candy Apple but I’ve been obsessively wanting that color for AGES so I was very happy when I got it — now I just need a chance to wear it!

I have a long long list of Essie polishes I want to get down the road: Au Naturel, Island Hopping, In Stitches, Hot Coco, Chinchilly, Bikini So Teeny, Spin the Bottle, Boy Best Friend, High Class Affair and Shades On. It’ll take a while to acquire all of these at the price they are but I’ll probably invest in a few sooner or later!

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite Essie colors?


Shop My Stash: OFRA liquid lipsticks

Hi loves! Today’s post will be another installment in my Shop My Stash series, since I definitely haven’t kept up with it or even posted it on a regular schedule! For today’s post, I thought we could talk about one of my favorite brands and favorite liquid lipsticks: the OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick!


As you can see, I have a lot of them and in an array of colors as well. Ever since I heard about the brand (through Rachael, so she’s obviously to blame), I’ve been obsessed with their lip products and have luckily been able to get my hands on lots of them (and most of them with a very good discount as well).

The formula is very mousse-like and while they don’t dry down completely matte and are not transfer proof, they’re definitely extremely easy to wear, comfortable on the lips and long lasting! They’re easy to apply as they come with a typical doe foot applicator and the range of colors they have is impressive. I’ve had 16 of the colors (two of them I passed on to someone, New Orleans and Ultimate Red) and they have 47 in total! I’ve barely made in dent in the collection.


From top to bottom: Paris Rendezvous, Venice, Atlantic City, Bel Air, Pasadena, Laguna Beach, Manhattan and Mina.


From top to bottom (starting after Mina): Santa Ana, Santa Monica, Honolulu, Havana Nights, Americano and Miami Fever.

There are still a few of their lipsticks I want to get my hands on (namely Cancun and maybe Malibu) but I can definitely say that these are some of the best liquid lipsticks in the market and if you haven’t tried them yet, you need to. NOW.

Are you convinced yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!


My makeup brush collection: a collab with Helpless Whilst Drying

Hi loves! Continuing on my collab extravaganza, today’s post is a collab with the beautiful Rachael over at Helpless Whilst Drying. Her blog is one of my favorites to read, so I was super excited when she agreed to doing this collab! We decided we wanted to talk about our brush collection, because as proper makeup junkies, we have tons and tons of brushes and it’s one of the things that you don’t see people talk about much, outside of their favorite brushes to use! Make sure you head over to Rachael’s blog to read all about her brush collection.


By now, my makeup brushes are something I’m really very proud of — I’ve amassed quite the collection over the last few years and I’ve invested in some great brushes that I absolutely love. While I still want to get some Sigma or Morphe brushes, I find that these are perfect for what I need right now.


First, we’ll start with my most used face brushes. From left to right, we have a BH Cosmetics fan brush, two powder brushes, a Real Techniques buffing brush, stippling brush and contour brush, a BH Cosmetics angled blush brush, a Luxie Beauty small contour brush, a BH Cosmetics complexion blending brush, and a Real Techniques pointed foundation brush and setting brush. I rarely ever use these for what they’re intended for, but isn’t that the whole point?


Then we have my most used eye brushes. From left to right, they are: a BH Cosmetics spooley brush and lip brush, a Luxie Beauty concealer brush, a Crown Brush crease/shadow brush, a BH Cosmetics fluffy angled shadow brush, a Crown Brush oval concealer brush, a BH Cosmetics classic shadow brush, a Bdellium Tools 776 brush, two Luxie Beauty tapered blending brushes, a BH Cosmetics blending brush, and an elf eyeshadow brush.


And then we have all the extra brushes that sit in my collection looking pretty, because I don’t use them for much if I’m being honest. I’m not going to go through all of these individually, but as you can see, I have a lot of BH Cosmetics (the pros of buying brush sets) and a surprising amount of foundation brushes, considering I don’t use foundation brushes like… at all.

So that’s my brush collection! I still want to try some new brands, especially Morphe (and especially some of their face brushes), but in the meantime, what I have works perfectly well and I don’t think I’m missing anything.

What brushes do you think my collection needs? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to head over to Rachael’s blog for her post!


Shop My Stash: Gerard Cosmetics lipstick

Hi my loves! Today’s post is a return of the Shop My Stash series with a product I’ve been itching to write about — my collection of Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks! I had been wanting to get my hands on some of these for a while, and after seeing some really good sales, I finally bit the bullet and splurged on some earlier this year.

Without further ado, let’s get going.


Let’s start with the nude-ish colors I got. From left to right, we have: Buttercup, Nude, Berry Smoothie, Rodeo Drive, 1995 and French Toast. Once I swatched all of these, I realized the difference between Berry Smoothie and Rodeo Drive is pretty undetectable, so I gave Rodeo Drive to a friend who’s just as makeup obsessed as I am and kept Berry Smoothie to myself.


From top to bottom: Buttercup, Nude, Berry Smoothie, Rodeo Drive, 1995 and French Toast.

As you can probably tell, Rodeo Drive is a bit lighter than Berry Smoothie, but they look practically the same, so I figured it’d be silly to keep them both. When I was swatching these, I was super sad to discover that 1995 was broken — the lipstick had broken off the bottom and was just rolling around inside the tube. Fortunately, I emailed GC and they were super quick to reply and promise to send me another. You’ll be reading this in a few weeks so I may have received it already, but I just emailed them today so I haven’t gotten it back quite just yet!


Then we have all the colors that don’t exactly fit into the nude/brown category. From left to right, we have: Vintage Rose, Underground, Enchanté, Fire Engine, Merlot and Sangria.


And for our swatches! From top to bottom, we have Vintage Rose, Underground, Enchanté, Fire Engine, Merlot and Sangria.

I was very excited to see how I liked Underground because it looks quite different from anything else I have — I was expecting it to be a bit more grey, but it’s really just a very neutral nude and it looks great on! Another surprise was Sangria, which I was expecting to be much darker but it’s really a very vibrant and beautiful color.

So far, I absolutely love these and I loved them on when I swatched them on my lips, but I haven’t had a chance to do a wear test to really form an opinion yet. I know I have high expectations, though!

Let me know if a review is something you guys would be interested in and I’ll definitely write one up for you guys! Thanks for reading!


MAC lipstick collection: a collab with Clarina Beauty

Hello my loves! Today’s post is a collab with the beautiful Claire over at Clarina Beauty! After she won my MAC giveaway lipstick, we had talked about doing a MAC lipstick collection collab, but with my Chile trip looming on the horizon, we just didn’t get around to doing it before I left! As soon as I got back, I contacted her to get it done ASAP because I was so excited for it. Make sure to head over to Claire’s blog to read all about her MAC lipstick collection!

So let’s get on with it, yes?


Aaaah, my beautiful MAC lipsticks… They’re really like my babies, and I treasure them with my life. Looking at this picture, I feel like I’m really missing some purples and plums in my collection, but to be fair, I had Heroine and gave it to Kira because I really didn’t use it and they would appreciate it more. Next on my list to get will be some plum shades for sure!

As you can see, I have a total of ten lipsticks and I love them all. If you noticed, there is a MAC lipstick box in the background of the picture, but that’s actually the color Syrup and I sold it to a friend so I could get a different lipstick, since it’s too similar to Brave and I wouldn’t wear it.

But enough chit chat and let’s move on to the swatches!


First are the nude, MLBB shades. From top to bottom, we have Whirl, Velvet Teddy, Brave and Please Me. Whirl, Velvet Teddy and Please Me are all matte finishes, while Brave is a satin finish. Lucie once described Whirl as the darker, bolder older sister of Velvet Teddy, and she’s definitely right. On me, it’s a beautiful brown nude and my newest addition to the collection! Velvet Teddy is an essential in anyone’s lipstick collection, a perfect nude that looks good on anyone, and Brave and Please Me are more muted nude-ish pinks.


And now for the pinks and reds! From top to bottom, we have: Candy Yum Yum, All Fired Up, Full Fuchsia, Impassioned, Lady Danger and the infamous Ruby Woo. Most of these, except for Candy Yum Yum and Ruby Woo, I got from my ex… at least one good thing to come out of that relationship! Candy Yum Yum and Lady Danger are matte finishes, All Fired Up and Ruby Woo are retro matte finishes, and Full Fuchsia and Impassioned are amplified finishes.

There you have it, folks, my MAC lipstick collection! What do you think I should get next? Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to go read Claire’s post!


My favorite concealers: collab with The Rose Beauty Files

Hi my beautiful friends! Today’s post is another collab, this time with Molly from The Rose Beauty Files. I approached Molly about a collab a few months ago, originally intending to post it while I was in Chile, but we didn’t get around to arranging it before I left so we got back to it when I came back, and now here it is! If you haven’t checked out Molly’s blog, you should definitely head over there and enjoy how great it is!


I don’t have a lot of concealers, because between these three, I have everything I need. My favorite concealers are Urban Decay Naked Skin, Rimmel Wake Me Up and NARS Creamy Radiant concealer.


I got the NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer back in September in one of my first big Sephora hauls. I had heard so many good reviews about it and considering that I was totally lacking a good concealer, I couldn’t help myself. It’s a great concealer, definitely full coverage and great for the circles under your eyes and for redness and blemishes. If you’re looking to invest in a good concealer, this is definitely it.


Up next is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. I got it in November on my birthday after I had my makeup done at Sephora and I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s got great coverage but it’s weightless and feels great on the skin and I love using it for my under eye circles. I think it’s a tad too dark but it works fine for under my eyes, it’s just not much of a highlight.


Lastly is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, which I got from Lucie when we did our makeup exchange. It’s a tad too dark for me to use for blemishes, but thanks to the freckles on my face, it works perfectly for my under eye circles! I love this concealer so much, I actually asked my friend to get the lightest color for me while she’s in the UK because I wanted a lighter color really bad.

What are your favorite concealers? What concealers would you recommend? Make sure you check out Molly’s post about her favorite concealers!