Creepy Cute: March 2017 Boxycharm

Hi everyone! I’ll be honest, I haven’t exactly figured out what “Creepy Cute” means or why it’s our March theme, but it’s not a bad box so I’ll zip it. On that note, let’s move on to why you’re really all here.


This month’s Boxycharm featured five full-size items (well, four and one travel-size), as it usually does, and while I’m not sure it’s the variation I was hoping for most, I’m pretty happy with the box overall!


First up is this Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Trio eyeshadow, which is the most disappointing item in the box for me — I just don’t see myself wearing two out of three of those colors and it’d be a shame to use just one color and leave the other two to waste! That color is something I’m sure I can dupe easily enough, so this will be getting passed on to someone else.


Next, we have a travel-size Smashbox Photo Finish primer, which I’m not entirely sure I’d use but I’d be willing to give it a shot before getting rid of it! We’ll see, because I’m not a huge fan of those silicone type primers (which at least I think this is).

Then we have a fan brush from the brand Crown Brush and listen… I don’t know who would ever use a brush that thick to highlight with. Seriously. The other fan brushes I have are comparatively much, much thinner! But I saw KathleenLights’ unboxing for this month and she said it would be good for contour, which I kind of had thought about when I saw it in the box, in which case, I’ll gladly use it!


Lastly, we have the two things I was hoping for the most — the RealHer matte liquid lipstick and lip liner! I saw Kathleen get these in the same color in her box and I’ve been dying for them since, so needless to say, I’m very happy I got them!


The shades are a beautiful deep berry and are right up my alley, so I’ll be trying these out ASAP to see how they feel on my lips! (And let’s just say, I hope I like them because a friend got another color in her box and I bought both lipstick and lip liner.)

Thanks for reading! What did you get in this month’s box?



Would You Be My Galentine? February 2017 Boxycharm

Happy belated Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope everyone had a great day with their family, friends and significant others alike. I just spent the day at work, trying really hard not to cry about all the adorable stories (and video!) we published in honor of Valentine’s Day. It was hard, let me tell you.


It seemed fitting to post my Boxycharm unboxing today, though I had originally planned something else for this week’s beauty post which I ended up rescheduling for next week. After all, the theme is Galentine’s! Of course I had to post it this week.


Let’s start, shall we? First up in this box is arguably the most exciting product for many people: a full-size Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator. This is a product of which many people have received countless samples over the years (I’ve received at least 3-4) and the full-size of this retails for a whopping SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS!!

I haven’t decided yet if I want to keep mine or not — it’s not a product I particularly loved in the past and I already have an exfoliator I love from LUSH, but we’ll see.

Then we have the Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in the color Fig. I’ll be honest, this one went straight to the sell/trade pile.


Up next is this adorable duo of eye brushes from Royal & Langknickel, the OMNIA Eye Kit Brush Duo. They are shader and detail brushes (top is shader, bottom is detail) and I was very happy to see these in my box because a) brushes, b) pretty brushes!


Last but certainly not least might be the most exciting part of the box for me. Boxycharm was kind enough to send us a small Z-palette created exclusively for Boxycharm — and two Makeup Geek shadows! These two are the colors Creme Brulee (left) and Bitten (right), both in the matte finish. I absolutely love them both and I was very excited to see these in the box.

So that’s it for this month — can’t wait to find out what comes in next month’s box!  What did you get in this month’s box? Did you do anything exciting on V-Day (or G-Day)? Let’s chat in the comments below!


And the Charm Award Goes to… January 2017 Boxycharm

Hi lovelies! Today’s post is the always exciting Boxycharm unboxing for the month! This month’s theme, as you can see in the title, is “And the Charm Award Goes to…” which is a MOUTHFUL.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


This month featured three items and two tools, which I like as it gives the box some variety! I like the box overall and will be keeping all but one of the items.


First, we got a Konjac sponge from gorge. Or is it gorge*? Who knows? Anyway, I’ve never tried a Konjac sponge and I’m excited to try it and see how it makes my skin feel!

Then we got the English Laundry perfume, which let me tell you, is a GODSEND. I’ve been desperately needing a new perfume and I loved this one, so I’m really happy to have a new scent! I haven’t been wearing perfume at all lately and I really missed it.


Up next is the PUR Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer, which went straight into the discard pile since it’s sadly way too dark for me (trust me, it’s darker than it looks in the picture).

One of the things I was most excited to see was the So Susan fan brush, because I’ve been dying to try one but the only one I’ve had was way too big for highlighter! I can’t wait to try this and see if I like it, fingers crossed.

Last but very certainly not least is the Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter Duo Set, which features the colors Rose Quartz and Chocolate Diamond. We just got a Vintage Cosmetics highlighter not too long ago (what’s up with that, Boxycharm?) but I actually love it, so I’m not too bothered to have received the same brand so close together.

What did you get in this month’s Boxycharm? Let me know in the comments below!


Makeup On Pointe: December 2016 Boxycharm

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a very safe and happy holiday and are excited for 2017 to begin. I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about had it with 2016! Plus new years are always exciting to me, even if I never follow through on my resolutions.

Today’s post is a very belated Boxycharm unboxing! I was supposed to have gotten this up last Wednesday, but life caught up with me a little too hard and I totally put it off until it was too late, but oh well.


The theme for this month’s box was Makeup On Pointe, which I thought was pretty cute, despite the fact that the items I received don’t particularly remind me of ballet. Is that just me? I feel like a ballet-themed box should have more softer colors and not a dark purple lipstick and dark red nail polish. They hit the nail right on the head with the eyeshadow palette, though!


Anyway, enough chit chat. The biggest item in this box was the Buff Collection palette by Pure Cosmetics. This palette retails for $50 and is basically a Naked 3 dupe, so I won’t be keeping it since I already have and love Naked 3.

Next, we got the IBY Beauty lip liner in the color Rosebud. I probably own ten million other colors like this, but I do love me some lip liner so it’s going straight to my stash!


Then we have the mini Make Up Eraser, which seems cute and I’m excited to try it! It does seem a bit too good to be true, so I guess I’ll have to test it and find out for myself. We’ll see!

One of the items I was most excited about was the Butter London nail polish in the color Ruby Murray. This color is just perfect for winter (even if I am in Florida) and it’s definitely going on my nails when I have time to sit down and do them!


Last but not least, I received the OFRA liquid lipstick in the color Napa Valley and while I do love OFRA, this color is too far past my comfort zone and I’d never wear it, so it’s going in a pile of things to sell/get rid of.

So that’s it for today! What did you think of this month’s Boxycharm?


Groovy Town: November 2016 Boxycharm

Hello friends! It’s me again, back with another super late Boxycharm post. Is anyone even surprised?


Today’s post is the November Boxycharm, which had a theme of Groovy Town. I guess it’s supposed to be hippie-type, 70s theme? Not my favorite era (we all know what that is) but I do like this box!

The only things I need in my life to be happy are lipstick and highlighter, and this box provided me with both! Close second are eye shadow palettes and brushes, which were also included, so overall, I’m very satisfied with this box.

First up, we have the Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. I tried this on as soon as I was done with the pictures, and while I do like how it felt, it was a bit sticky for a little bit after applying it. Now my under eye area just feels silky smooth though!

We also received the Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail crease brush. I’m not the best at eye shadow but I do love collecting brushes that I don’t even know how to use. Oops.

Then we have the Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Rose Petal. It’s a beautiful color, which means I have five just like it, so this is going to the resell pile unfortunately!


As for the first of the two big starts of the show today, we have the Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette, which I love because a) look at those colors, b) this retails for $49, c) the pigmentation on these is INSANE.


And last but certainly not least is the Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter in rose gold. As you very well know, I love highlighters, and I love rose gold, so this was a perfect match for me! You can probably tell I already got my fingers in it and I love it so far!

That’s it for today’s blog! What did you receive in your Boxycharm this month? Thanks for reading!




Boxy Bazaar: October 2016 Boxycharm

Hi guys! So this is super super late and I know I’ve sucked at being a productive blogger lately but in my defense, I’ve had a lot going on! I’m going to save the news for another post where I can give you guys a life update (if anyone even reads my blog at this point… if you do, say hi).


Today’s post is going to be all about my October Boxycharm, which I would have to say wasn’t my favorite but it definitely wasn’t bad! This post is going to be very bare, picture-wise, because I couldn’t get my pictures to upload for the life of me. Sorry about that!

So first up, we have the Briogeo Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant. I have a hair mask from Briogeo (which you may remember from a haul a few weeks ago) and I love it, so I’m definitely excited to try this!

Next we have the Temptu shimmer bronzer, which was the biggest letdown for me. I do want a matte bronzer to wear when I wear a full face of makeup, but I don’t want shimmery bronzer!! This is going in my sell or trade pile.

Then the next disappointment (sadly) was this Starlooks Ultra Matte lip paint. I tried it out a few days ago to go to Halloween Horror Nights and honestly, it was just terrible to wear and had to come off halfway through the night. It was sticky, didn’t dry to matte and was coming off patchy and gross. Hard pass.

The Iby Beauty Three’s Company trio eye shadow was nice, but I had trios like these because they’re not quite single shadows but they’re not palettes either. I just depotted these and put them in a z-palette, but not without breaking one of the shadows in the process.

And lastly, what I was most excited for! The Luxie Beauty Eye Blender brush pack. I love Luxie Beauty brushes but they’re too expensive for me to actually buy them so I love getting them in beauty boxes and these were no different!

Sorry this post was so text heavy guys, but thanks for reading!


Camp Glam: September 2016 Boxycharm


Hi friends! Today’s post is a very belated Boxycharm unboxing, which I normally aim to do the week I receive them, but life has just been too busy and hectic for me to keep up with my normal blogging schedule lately!


This month’s Boxycharm theme was Camp Glam, which is a little out there if you ask me (since when is camping something glam to do?!), but I will say that I loved this month’s box and it definitely is more than worth its price!


This month, we received five different full-size items, which retail for $110.95 total! Isn’t that a good value for a box that costs around $22 a month? So who wants to hear about the items in this month’s box?


First up is the item I was most excited to receive: a full-size butterLONDON nail polish in the color Yummy Mummy. I love nudes and this is a beautiful cool-toned, almost grey-ish one, which will be perfect for both fall and my work (which doesn’t allow nail polish colors outside the nude spectrum).

Next, we have the Hikari Cosmetics eye liner, which went straight to my pile of items to sell or trade, since I own way too many eye liners for someone who doesn’t know how to wear eye liner!

Then we received the Project Beauty Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Hair Masque. I love hair masks and I was really excited to see this in the box, which I can’t wait to try! The only thing I love more than hair masks are the ones that you can use as a pre-shampoo treatment, but I can always give it a shot with this one and see how it goes.


Last but not least, we have the two biggest and priciest items in the box this month: first is the Studio Makeup On the Go palette, which retails for a whooping $49.95!! I know this is far from the most expensive item Boxycharm has sent out, but I can’t help but be excited, especially looking at those colors!

The other item is the PUR Cosmetics Lip Lure in the color Graceful. This is a beautiful dark nude color which I couldn’t wait to try on and so far, I really like it. It’s comfortable, hydrating, but still super pigmented and the best part is it’s not sticky at all!

So that’s it for this month’s Boxycharm! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what we get in next month’s box. Thanks for reading!