A Love Letter to Fandom


By Valentina Bore  

In my 23 years of life, I’ve been in a lot of fandoms. I’ve gone through a lot of obsessions, things that would take up all the space in my brain and often, all the space on my bedroom walls as well. I’ve met people from across the world who shared the love and passion for the same movie, TV show, or celebrity as me. I joined tumblr a long six years ago, on October of 2009, and that introduced me to the camaraderie of following people and making friends when everyone had the same interests, but tumblr was far from my first foray into fandoms.

It all started when I was around 11 and obsessed with the Harry Potter books. I had an older, more experienced cousin who told me all about fanfiction and searching for stories to read and keep myself entertained with while…

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Tips & Tricks for Sprucing Up Your Desktop and Phone


By Valentina Boré

A few weeks ago, I realized that I’ve had the same desktop wallpaper for ages and I was tired of looking at the same thing every day, so I set out to find cute desktop wallpapers that I could download for free. Fast forward a couple of weeks and now I have more than 150 different wallpapers to adorn my computer! It’s a little thing, but it’s made me feel so much better when I open my computer and see another pretty image on the screen. Along the way, I also ended up downloading a lot of iPhone wallpapers and now all the technology in my life is super cute. Here are some great places to find cute wallpapers!

I follow her on twitter and every once in a while, I’ll see her tweet something about new free downloads and rush to her site to…

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My Not-So-Hidden Identities


By Valentina Boré

If you know me, you probably know that I’m Latina. Or you might not know that, but you know I’m gay. Or you might even know both! These are what I like to think of as my two identifying factors, two essential pillars to who I am as a person. I would not be the same person if it weren’t for my nationality, culture, and heritage, just as I wouldn’t be the same person if I weren’t gay.

But see, here’s the thing. Neither one of these is glaringly obvious when you meet me, because anyone who meets me would assume I’m a) straight, and b) white. There’s nothing wrong with being either one of those things, except neither one of them are me. In fact, they’re so far from who I am that I prefer to not be identified as those at all and will quickly…

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A Letter to ipsy


By Valentina Boré

Dear ipsy,

I have been a loyal subscriber for two years now. Even when I didn’t receive my bags, consistently don’t get my tracking information emailed to me every month, or get sent five million hair products that do absolutely nothing for my hair, I’ve remained loyal to you because I love what you stand for and getting that pink mailer is the highlight of my month.

However, lately I’ve been reconsidering my subscription for various reasons. First, I’m subscribed to Birchbox and Boxycharm, and tend to find their boxes much more satisfying than your GlamBags. Their products are usually better suited to my skin or hair, and much more appealing to my interests. I’ve taken the quiz a million times, but no matter what I do, you won’t stop sending me hair products for wavy hair when my hair is as straight as it comes. Please…

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The Importance of Solidarity In Feminism

I’m really proud of my latest article for SDWSW and I’d love for you guys to tell me what you think!


swimlessonsmint Artwork by Kristen Barnhart

By Valentina Boré

I admit that, in my 23 years of life, I have gotten jealous of other girls and said bitchy things about them. I’d be willing to bet most girls out there have — haven’t you? It’s sad that we do it but it’s something that we don’t always realize we’re doing. But why do we do it in the first place?

Our society is a society that puts us against each other and teaches us to take other women down instead of lifting each other up. Now, this doesn’t mean that all women live in a Mean Girls type universe where all we ever do is fight, pull each other’s hair and steal each other’s boyfriends. Nor does it mean we act like animals in the wilderness, a la Cady’s imagined scenario.

It does mean, however, that more often than not, women resort…

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Guest blogger week: September 1st through 7th

Hi friends! As you may or may not know, on Wednesday of this week, I’ll be off to Canada for six days! I’ll be going to Montréal to visit some of my bestest friends, and I’m really very excited. Since I’ll be too busy gallivanting in the Great White North (okay, it’s September, but still), I figured I would ask some of my favorite bloggers to help me keep my blog active for the next week while I’m traveling. And thus, here we have my first ever guest blogger week, featuring some amazing ladies who I’m so excited to have contributing to my blog!

I know I’ve been really bad at keeping up with my blog the last few weeks, between moving and my last semester in college starting, but I promise that I’ll be figuring out my schedule when I’m back from Canada and my life is (hopefully) a bit more calm.

So without further ado, here’s the line up for the week. I hope you guys enjoy what these lovely ladies have for you!

Thank you to these amazing bloggers for agreeing to contribute to my blog, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the amazing posts they’ve written! Check out their blogs and give them a follow. :)


Dear Nick Jonas

I wrote a thing about a certain song by a certain JoBro and you should check it out.


By Valentina Boré

You were always my favorite JoBro, back in the days when all I cared about was your band. I always thought you were the cutest, the most talented, and the nicest one. I was so excited when you first started releasing solo stuff in 2009, and Who I Am was one of my favorite songs.

Six years later, and now you give me Jealous. Seriously, man? You let me down.

You’re still talented, and your songs are still good. You’re still cute (though I’m considerably less interested in men now than I was six years ago), but Jealous is a terrible, terrible message to send to people.

No, Nick Jonas, it is not your right to get “hellish.”

I think jealousy is a normal thing to happen in relationships, to a certain extent. I don’t know that I would say it’s healthy, but I do think that…

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