Review: Doris pants by Pinup Girl Clothing

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a very exciting one and I’m about to tell you why. I fell in love with a pair of pants not long after I was turned onto Pinup Girl Clothing, because I envisioned myself wearing these pants and turned into Peggy Carter.

I lusted over them from afar, waiting anxiously for them to be restocked in time for the Black Friday sale… just for them to be restocked two days before and sold out promptly.

It seemed like my fate with these pants was doomed, until a beautiful angel alerted me that one of the colors was on sale and with a coupon code, they came out to be less than $60 (which for this brand is pretty amazing) so I didn’t think about it too hard and bought them, despite never even wanting the khaki ones in the first place.

Well… I fell in love again.

This is the story of the Doris pants and our amazing love affair.

These pants, as you can see, are absolutely beautiful and perfect and I couldn’t love them any more on me than I did before seeing them on. After lusting after them and looking enviously at everyone who owned them, they’re finally mine and they very well may be my favorite clothing item… ever.

So of course, I had to go and buy another pair.

After seeing how much I loved the khaki pants, I went and bought the black ones (I even paid full price!!) just so I could get my hands on them and I’m not even sorry.

They’re made out of a pebble crepe fabric, fully lined, with decent sized pockets that fit phones or other small items comfortably. The waistband is elasticized and the back zipper makes the silhouette seamless, and the wide legs and pleats make them feel elegant and timeless.

The lining does make them pretty warm, so I probably won’t be wearing these all year long, but they’re perfect for chilly weather or cold air-conditioned offices.

Now, these pants are very, very long and most people would need to get them hemmed — personally, I won’t be hemming the khaki ones because they fit perfectly when I wear flats, but I’m debating hemming the black ones because they’re longer and I can only wear heels with them currently.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. These pants are heavy, luxurious and timeless, and I’m sure they’ll be a stable in my wardrobe for a long time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below.




Black Friday PUG haul, pt. 2

Hi everyone! You might be rolling your eyes at how late this post is, but at this point, you probably also know how giant of a procrastinator I am so I won’t even say anything.

This is the second installment of my Black Friday haul from Pinup Girl Clothing, the first part of which you can see here. I had to shoot these pictures separately (though some of the clothes might seem familiar) because I had to return one of the tops and it didn’t come in time for the first photoshoot.

Let’s get started, shall we?


The first thing I got was my first peasant top from PUG, which I was really excited about! I bought the pastel yellow peasant top because lately, I’ve been obsessed with yellow and this one was just calling me. In the new peasant top run, the large fits me perfectly, but in the old one, I fit squarely into an XL.


Next are the Funny Face pants in black, and while I had told myself I was done after Friday, seeing my friend Kirsten in these pants convinced me that I needed them in my life, and I certainly don’t regret it in the slightest. They’re amazingly comfortable and really versatile, and I can dress them up or down!

The only downside is that they are very stretchy and after a couple of wears, the stretch definitely shows and I have to pull them up constantly (or they get saggy knees). I’ll most likely just swap these for the next size down.


Last but certainly not least is the Malia top in dark green. I saw a few lovely ladies wearing it and I just couldn’t resist, and I’m definitely glad I bought it because I’m in love with how it looks! It’s flattering, classy, a beautiful color and warm but not overbearingly so, making it the perfect top to wear to work.

And that would be the end of my Black Friday purchases, only two months after the date. Oops?

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear what you think.


Disney Christmas, princess style

Hi lovelies! I know you’re probably all thinking, what is this girl doing, writing a post about Christmas well into January?! In my defense, Three Kings Day was just two days ago, so it’s only two days past the Christmas season… right?


You’ve probably learned by now how much my friends and I love dressing up and going to Disney, so when my friend Paola bought her annual pass, of course we had to celebrate with a trip to Magic Kingdom! We decided our theme was winter princesses and we each picked a princess to inspire our outfits.

Care to guess who’s who?

Okay, if you didn’t get it, here it is from left to right: Katie is dressed as Aurora, I’m dressed as Elena (the new Latina princess, who is AWESOME), Paola is dressed as Snow White and Kyra is dressed as Ariel!

It wouldn’t be a Disney trip without twirling pictures! For my Elena outfit, I wore the red Havana Nights dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, which belongs to my dear friend April, who was so generous to let me borrow it for a few weeks! I absolutely love this dress and will 100% buy it at some point or another.

The amazing hat is vintage and belongs to our Aurora, who looked like a walking black market for vintage accessories, pulling everything you could think of our of her tote! The brooch I’m wearing also belongs to her, and I discovered while playing with it that it opens and actually has some (very, very old) lip balm inside. Isn’t that neat? Lastly, the gloves I’m wearing (which I wish I’d gotten a closeup of) are also Katie’s!

My petticoat is vintage Malco Modes, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I got it on eBay after totally lowballing it and the seller accepted, to my absolute joy! It’s a little long so I usually have to roll it up a few times depending on the hemline of my dress, but I can make it work.

The belt was a birthday gift from Paola and Kyra, the shawl is my mom’s (but I may or may not have kept it now) and the shoes are my trusty Jessica Simpson flats and they’re the comfiest, cutest shoes I own.

So that’s all I have for you today, folks, thank you for reading! I’d love to hear what you thought of our Disney adventures, please leave me a comment and we can chat.


Black, or should I say Pink Friday haul

Hi guys! Welcome back to another episode of the “I procrastinate on writing posts and they get published way later than they should” show, with today’s episode being about a Black Friday haul that’s about a month and a half too late. Oops.

Today’s post is the first half of the haul, containing the dresses I bought from Pinup Girl Clothing during their Pink Friday sales. Between the 35% off, the final sale prices and the gift certificate I got from my parents, I couldn’t resist and had to buy quite a few things! This will definitely be my last PUG haul for a while… probably until next Black Friday.

On the Wednesday before Black Friday, PUG had a sale for their final sale items, and I decided not to risk getting waiting for Friday in case my goodies were gone, so  I snatched up this Nancy dress in the grey butterflies print and I. LOVE. IT. The bodice has enough support that I don’t need a bra, the print is subtle but adorable, the grey is classic but there are enough colors in the dress to match with and it is LONG. Most PUG dresses aren’t short by any means, but this is long even for me, and I’m loving it! 10/10, would recommend.

Next on my list of purchases on Wednesday was the Erin swing dress in mint. The color is so bright and absolutely beautiful, and as much as I love it, the belt in mint is too much for me (never mind that I forgot belts on both dresses for the pictures) so I’ll probably be wearing it with a black belt instead. Regardless of that, the dress is beautiful and SO. COMFY. I probably could have sized down, but then the girls would probably be popping out a bit too much… so maybe not.

One of the dresses I was probably most excited for was the Harley dress in black. It wasn’t originally on my wish list for Black Friday, but after trying on a 2X at the PUG pop up shop on Dapper Day, I knew this dress needed to be on my body… and boy, was I right. The fit is beautiful, it’s classic but unique and it is so comfortable. I knew I wanted an LBD from this sale and while I would have loved to get my hands on Havana Nights, they didn’t have my size and this is a very good alternative!

Last but certainly not least (on this half of the haul) is the Harley dress in red. Let me tell you a story: a few months ago, I went to see West Side Story and fell in love with 100% of the dresses in the show. Most of them I recognized (some of them I even owned) but two left me longing for them with the deepest desire… this one, and this dress by The Pretty Dress Company. The red Harley is everything I could have wanted in a red dress and more. It’s stunning, attention-grabbing but still simple enough that I could style it in so many different ways.

And the best part? All of these dresses have pockets! Pockets make the world go ’round.

That’s all for today’s haul, but look out for the second part soon! We had a malfunction with one of the tops, which ripped at the seams in the bust area, so I had to return it and I need to shoot the pictures for that and the rest of the stuff I got (I’ll include some non-Black Friday goodies in there too).

Let me know what you thought and thanks for reading!


All dolled up for Doll Me Up

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m back again with a new fashion post and a very exciting one at that — my first ever order from Doll Me Up!

As soon as I found out that they were having an incredible sale for Black Friday, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to stock up on cropped cardigans, which are an essential for the working pinup girl (especially when your office is as cold as mine is!), so I grabbed four different cardigans, along with four different head scarves, which are a staple for any retro-loving girl.


Cardigan + scarf: Doll Me Up. Top + pants: Pinup Girl Clothing.

I took my lovely friend Paola out to a cute little area nearby where she lives and she was kind enough to take my pictures for me. Of course, our photo shoots are never without a fair share of funny, goofy and downright weird pictures, so I’ll be sharing some of those jewels on here for you guys to enjoy.


Doll Me Up has a variety of colors of the Tootsie Crop Cardigan in sizes from S to 4X and they cost $23.99 each, but I was able to snag them for $16.99 each at the Black Friday sale. I only wish I had bought a couple more!


I’m usually an XL in most repro brands, but in these cardigans, I sized down to a L and they fit perfectly. Seriously. I cannot rave about these cardigans enough. At this point, I have 11 different colors and they’re amazing, because they go well with all of my dresses, skirts and tops and they’re perfect for a chilly office (like mine).


I bought four cardigans and four scarves, so it seemed logical to pair them up to go with the outfit I was wearing (for a different blog post, but you won’t see these pictures again). I got the cardigans in the colors Magenta, Baby Yellow, Teal Blue and Blush respectively (and I have more in navy, white, mustard, burgundy, ice blue, mint and black) and I’m fully considering going back for at least two or three more! I know, I have a problem.

I also purchased their Nifty 50’s hair scarves in the colors Raspberry, Aqua, Sea Blue and Navy Blue — and I want to go back for more! These scarves are $13.99 but I was able to get each one for $5.99 each (which is good, because 14 dollars for a head scarf is a bit much for me — sorry DMU!).

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases and I feel like a world of outfit opportunities has presented itself to me — and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection!

Thanks for reading — did you buy anything on Black Friday?


She wants the D(isney brooch): Lola D’s Boutique review

Hi loves! I hope you’re all enjoying my cheesy mug in the featured photo of this post, because it’s a pretty accurate representation of who I am as a person and I feel no shame in sharing (nor should I). Anyway, before I get off track, let’s get into it!

A few months ago, my friends Paola and Kirsten over at The Hepburn Movement wrote a review about these beautiful Disney brooches they had received from Kristen over at Lola D’s Boutique on Etsy and I knew right away I needed one of these beautiful brooches in my life!

Thankfully, Kristen is the absolute sweetest and was kind enough to send me some for me to review on my little blog — the best part is I was so sure I was getting just one, and she surprised me with two brooches AND some adorable hair clips on top of it!


Top/pants: Pinup Girl Clothing. Cardigan: Doll Me Up. Brooch: C/O Lola D’s Boutique.

The brooch I thought I was getting was this mint resin Disneyland brooch, which is pretty common to see within the pinup community amongst Disney fans, but what makes Kristen’s brooches special is that they’re amazing quality for a fraction of the price!

I absolutely love the Disneyland brooch and I can’t wait to wear it to the parks. It’s sturdy, the pin back definitely won’t undo on its own and it’s just absolutely beautiful — you can tell it was made with love.


Top/pants: Pinup Girl Clothing. Cardigan/scarf: Doll Me Up. Brooch: C/O Lola D’s Boutique.

The one she surprised me with was this adorable glitter Minnie carriage brooch, which is very fitting because I have been obsessed with Cinderella lately (how did she know?!) and on top of that, it matches the head scarf I’m wearing in this picture perfectly!

These brooches were a wonderful beginning to what I’m sure will grow to be an extensive brooch collection, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Kristen for being so kind as to send me these beautifully made brooches. Please please please check out her shop and buy all the adorable crafty things!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys on Wednesday!


Dressed to the 9 and 3/4s

Hello again! I’m back with another post about my adventures in pinup with my beautiful friends, this time featuring two new faces to the blog!

A few weeks ago, my friends and I got all dolled up to attend an event at Universal called Dressed to the 9 and 3/4s. We wanted to meet up with the group but were there super late, so instead we just went off on our own and took pictures and had a magical time!


From left to right, we have Reanne, wearing a Lindy Bop skirt, myself in ModCloth, Paola in vintage, Anna in ModCloth, Kaitlyn in vintage and Kyra in ModCloth, so… a good mix of repro and retro!

Instead of going by our houses, we decided to just dress up for the Yule Ball in our brightest and fanciest wizard wear and we loved it! We got our fair share of compliments, as well as a good amount of weird looks but hey, if you saw six girls traipsing around a theme park in fancy dresses and fluffy petticoats, you’d probably stare too, right?


Our adventure started in a back alley in New York… AKA the New York street of Universal Studios Florida, which seems appropriate since Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them is set in New York! Here, we twirled to our heart’s content, cast some spells away from the no-majs eyes, and took some pretty good pictures.


Next, we headed to London to stop in Diagon Alley, where I couldn’t stay away from the Daily Prophet office! I’ve always said that I would work there if I were really a witch, so this seemed appropriate. One day, they’ll offer me a job!


These girls have been such a bright light in my lie, and it feels like I’ve known them for ages even though it’s been a few short months! Everyone should be so lucky to have friends like these in their lives.


We ended the day taking pictures with the rest of our dapper wizarding friends, and of course, had to snap a group shot of the six of us before we left. It was a great day and I can’t wait for the opportunity to do it again!

Thanks for reading!