Review: Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

When it comes to drugstore brands, Wet N Wild have long been one of my favorite brands out there. I often find myself perusing the aisles of Walgreens in search of my next lipstick or product to try out, and considering my love for their matte tube lipsticks, when they came out with liquid lipsticks, I knew I needed to get my hands on them!


Of course, in trying to pick three colors “I didn’t already have,” I picked three colors I have exact dupes for. The good news is this means I can go through my lipsticks and find some potential dupes these could work for. Would anyone be interested in reading something like that?


The first color we have here is Nice to Fuchsia. Full disclaimer: I haven’t actually worn this one, and I just opened it to take this picture. I didn’t want to wear it in case I wanted to sell/trade this since I know I have at least one or two colors just like it!


Next, we have Berry Recognize. I wore this one to work one day and I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the quality is! It’s very pigmented and you can easily get full opaqueness with just one or two light coats, it fully dries to matte, it barely transfers AND it’s very, very comfortable. It hits all the liquid lipstick checkmarks!


Lastly, we have Give Me Mocha, which is a beautiful dark nude and would look amazing on deeper skin tones! Of course, I already have at least two lipsticks that look exactly like this, but I was very impressed with how it wore.

Overall, I’m really happy with these lipsticks and I’ll definitely be going to look for a few more colors! At this point in my life, I have almost every color of lipsticks I could wear, so I end up with a lot of really similar colors and then I wear the same ones every single week, so I know I need to mix it up. Maybe it’s time to bring back the 30 days of lipstick challenge I did when I first started my blog?

P.S. Sorry these pictures are so bad! I swear they looked better on my camera and to be honest… I’m too lazy to edit them.



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