Zoya 4 Free nail polish haul

Hi everyone! As you probably guessed from the title, this post is all about the newest additions to my nail polish family.

Last year, I found out from Stash Matters about this awesome sale from Zoya where you got four nail polishes for just the cost of shipping. Which, okay, it’s $15, but still a good sale considering these retail for $10 to $12 each. You can see the ones I got last year here.


This year, I really wanted to take advantage of the sale, so I got eight colors for $30, which isn’t a bad deal at all, if you really think about it!

Front row, from left to right: Amal, Marnie, Lake and Kelly.

Back row, from left to right: Natty, Leah, Normani and Jana.


Kelly is described by Zoya as “a rich gray shade with soft purple and blue undertones.”


Lake is described as “a softened blue that gives the effect of serene water.”


Marnie is described as “deep warm plum cream.”


Amal is described as “a classic crimson red with a ruby red pearl fleck in the traditional MatteVelvet finish.”


Natty is described as “a smoky deep steel blue with an opaque cream finish.”


Leah is described as “a lavender tinged taupe cream in the exclusive Satin finish.”


Jana is described as “a medium nude putty creme with grey, mauve and purple tones.”


Normani is described as “sable mauve cream.”

And yes, before you say anything… these two look exactly the same. In my defense, they look somewhat more different on the website, and I had to put in two separate orders to do the sales twice… I know, it’s stupid.

(To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure which is which in these pictures.)

Did anyone else take advantage of the sale? Let me know what you got!



2 thoughts on “Zoya 4 Free nail polish haul

  1. Amazing! You went all out compared to last year’s haul – and only $30!
    Just looking at your bottle shots, I’m getting anxious that the polish will spill out! :lol: My favourites are Lake, Leah and Normani!


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