Review: Doris pants by Pinup Girl Clothing

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a very exciting one and I’m about to tell you why. I fell in love with a pair of pants not long after I was turned onto Pinup Girl Clothing, because I envisioned myself wearing these pants and turned into Peggy Carter.

I lusted over them from afar, waiting anxiously for them to be restocked in time for the Black Friday sale… just for them to be restocked two days before and sold out promptly.

It seemed like my fate with these pants was doomed, until a beautiful angel alerted me that one of the colors was on sale and with a coupon code, they came out to be less than $60 (which for this brand is pretty amazing) so I didn’t think about it too hard and bought them, despite never even wanting the khaki ones in the first place.

Well… I fell in love again.

This is the story of the Doris pants and our amazing love affair.

These pants, as you can see, are absolutely beautiful and perfect and I couldn’t love them any more on me than I did before seeing them on. After lusting after them and looking enviously at everyone who owned them, they’re finally mine and they very well may be my favorite clothing item… ever.

So of course, I had to go and buy another pair.

After seeing how much I loved the khaki pants, I went and bought the black ones (I even paid full price!!) just so I could get my hands on them and I’m not even sorry.

They’re made out of a pebble crepe fabric, fully lined, with decent sized pockets that fit phones or other small items comfortably. The waistband is elasticized and the back zipper makes the silhouette seamless, and the wide legs and pleats make them feel elegant and timeless.

The lining does make them pretty warm, so I probably won’t be wearing these all year long, but they’re perfect for chilly weather or cold air-conditioned offices.

Now, these pants are very, very long and most people would need to get them hemmed — personally, I won’t be hemming the khaki ones because they fit perfectly when I wear flats, but I’m debating hemming the black ones because they’re longer and I can only wear heels with them currently.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. These pants are heavy, luxurious and timeless, and I’m sure they’ll be a stable in my wardrobe for a long time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below.




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