And the Charm Award Goes to… January 2017 Boxycharm

Hi lovelies! Today’s post is the always exciting Boxycharm unboxing for the month! This month’s theme, as you can see in the title, is “And the Charm Award Goes to…” which is a MOUTHFUL.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


This month featured three items and two tools, which I like as it gives the box some variety! I like the box overall and will be keeping all but one of the items.


First, we got a Konjac sponge from gorge. Or is it gorge*? Who knows? Anyway, I’ve never tried a Konjac sponge and I’m excited to try it and see how it makes my skin feel!

Then we got the English Laundry perfume, which let me tell you, is a GODSEND. I’ve been desperately needing a new perfume and I loved this one, so I’m really happy to have a new scent! I haven’t been wearing perfume at all lately and I really missed it.


Up next is the PUR Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer, which went straight into the discard pile since it’s sadly way too dark for me (trust me, it’s darker than it looks in the picture).

One of the things I was most excited to see was the So Susan fan brush, because I’ve been dying to try one but the only one I’ve had was way too big for highlighter! I can’t wait to try this and see if I like it, fingers crossed.

Last but very certainly not least is the Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter Duo Set, which features the colors Rose Quartz and Chocolate Diamond. We just got a Vintage Cosmetics highlighter not too long ago (what’s up with that, Boxycharm?) but I actually love it, so I’m not too bothered to have received the same brand so close together.

What did you get in this month’s Boxycharm? Let me know in the comments below!



13 thoughts on “And the Charm Award Goes to… January 2017 Boxycharm

  1. The bronzer wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t so warm and shimmery. I really think you’ll love the Konjac sponge! It gives such gentle exfoliation but for me it still really helps improve the texture of my skin!!!


    • It’s good but for the price it is, you can definitely find some more well-known brands! (Not to say I don’t like it, I’d just be wary to buy a highlighter that expensive from a brand I haven’t studied lol.)


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