The littlest lipstick haul, pt. 2

Hi everyone! I’m sure no one at all is shocked by the title of this post, so I won’t even make any excuses or say anything at all.


You all saw that my latest lipstick obsessions have been Bésame Cosmetics and Beauty Bakerie, as you could see in my last haul post. Well, somehow I managed to get my hands on more lipsticks… it was a total mystery…

Just kidding. I have no self-control and PayPal makes it very easy to spend money.


The stars of today’s shows are these lovely beauties you see here. Bésame Cosmetics in 1945 American Beauty and Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips in Mon Cheri and Raspberry Tiramisu. Yes, I did just go and get my hands on two red lipsticks I have at least another five of and another berry color I probably have a good few of.



American Beauty, the top swatch you see, is a beautiful blue-toned red, almost a little more blue-toned than the classic red lipstick, and that’s what I love about it! Mon Cheri is a bright, bright bright red, essentially the classic bold red lip in a smudge-proof, everything-proof formula. And lastly, Raspberry Tiramisu is a dark berry color, the perfect lipstick for fall and when I feel like I’m in a 1940s noir film.


You can definitely see a lot better with the flash, especially how cool American Beauty is! I received that was a Christmas present from my little brother, and the other two I purchased for myself as an impulse (and I’m not even sorry).

Have you tried any of these lipsticks before? Do you want to? Let’s chat in the comments below and thanks for reading!



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