Black, or should I say Pink Friday haul

Hi guys! Welcome back to another episode of the “I procrastinate on writing posts and they get published way later than they should” show, with today’s episode being about a Black Friday haul that’s about a month and a half too late. Oops.

Today’s post is the first half of the haul, containing the dresses I bought from Pinup Girl Clothing during their Pink Friday sales. Between the 35% off, the final sale prices and the gift certificate I got from my parents, I couldn’t resist and had to buy quite a few things! This will definitely be my last PUG haul for a while… probably until next Black Friday.

On the Wednesday before Black Friday, PUG had a sale for their final sale items, and I decided not to risk getting waiting for Friday in case my goodies were gone, so  I snatched up this Nancy dress in the grey butterflies print and I. LOVE. IT. The bodice has enough support that I don’t need a bra, the print is subtle but adorable, the grey is classic but there are enough colors in the dress to match with and it is LONG. Most PUG dresses aren’t short by any means, but this is long even for me, and I’m loving it! 10/10, would recommend.

Next on my list of purchases on Wednesday was the Erin swing dress in mint. The color is so bright and absolutely beautiful, and as much as I love it, the belt in mint is too much for me (never mind that I forgot belts on both dresses for the pictures) so I’ll probably be wearing it with a black belt instead. Regardless of that, the dress is beautiful and SO. COMFY. I probably could have sized down, but then the girls would probably be popping out a bit too much… so maybe not.

One of the dresses I was probably most excited for was the Harley dress in black. It wasn’t originally on my wish list for Black Friday, but after trying on a 2X at the PUG pop up shop on Dapper Day, I knew this dress needed to be on my body… and boy, was I right. The fit is beautiful, it’s classic but unique and it is so comfortable. I knew I wanted an LBD from this sale and while I would have loved to get my hands on Havana Nights, they didn’t have my size and this is a very good alternative!

Last but certainly not least (on this half of the haul) is the Harley dress in red. Let me tell you a story: a few months ago, I went to see West Side Story and fell in love with 100% of the dresses in the show. Most of them I recognized (some of them I even owned) but two left me longing for them with the deepest desire… this one, and this dress by The Pretty Dress Company. The red Harley is everything I could have wanted in a red dress and more. It’s stunning, attention-grabbing but still simple enough that I could style it in so many different ways.

And the best part? All of these dresses have pockets! Pockets make the world go ’round.

That’s all for today’s haul, but look out for the second part soon! We had a malfunction with one of the tops, which ripped at the seams in the bust area, so I had to return it and I need to shoot the pictures for that and the rest of the stuff I got (I’ll include some non-Black Friday goodies in there too).

Let me know what you thought and thanks for reading!



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