An excellent Spiffy Saturday

Hi everyone!

Before we start on the usual fashion blog post routine, I’d like to quickly talk to you about something. You may have heard of the forest fires in Chile, which have ravaged almost 600,000 acres of my beautiful country. Our firefighters are a volunteer workforce and they need your help. If you have anything you can spare, please consider donating to this gofundme created by a cousin of mine. If you don’t, please consider sharing it. Thank you.

Moving on to the fashion part! A few weeks ago, an event called Spiffy Saturday took place at Universal, and of course I was there!

Back in October, my friend Nancy and I decided we wanted to dress as Bill and Ted (from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) but the HHN outfits! We weren’t very recognizable, but we had a lot of fun, and that’s what matters, right?

It was really freaking cold that day (okay, for Florida standards) and I was wearing a coat most of the day, but I did my best to take these pictures before getting bundled up again. It was around 40 degrees and I’ve lived here for ten years, don’t judge me.

Anyway, let’s get to the outfit details, shall we? From head to toe!

My scarf was bought on Amazon and to be honest, it’s not quite big enough to wear with a bow, so I have a 50/50 success rate with it. My necklace is from Charlotte Russe, and my earrings were a gift. My cardigan is from Doll Me Up, my top and belt are from Pinup Girl Clothing and my skirt is from Hell Bunny!

I didn’t do a petticoat picture, but it’s red and I bought it on Amazon. It’s not too big, but it gives just enough poof for most skirts and dresses!


Of course, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me making a weird face. Moving on…


My lovely friend Hilarion helped me get pictures for my blog and we found a great spot with amazing lighting in the streets of New York (at Universal Studios Florida, of course). We had a lot of fun, despite being cold most of the day, and I can’t wait for the next Spiffy Saturday (which will hopefully be warmer, but not too much).

Remember to be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!



Metropolis: January 2017 ipsy

Hi everyone! Today’s post is all about an oldie but a goodie… I may or may not have resubscribed to ipsy, because I cancelled my Play! box and it seems only fair, right?

Okay, I totally resubscribed to ipsy!


So now that I’m back on the ipsy train, I’m excited to see how much they’ve improved in almost a year since I cancelled my subscription. I will say that so far, I’m pretty happy with it! Hopefully that keeps up.


My first ipsy in almost a year had a decent mix of products. First up, I got the Pacifica blush in Wildrose, which is beautiful and I’m excited to try it since I’ve been getting more into blush!

Then I got a cute little Bahama Mama bronzer by theBalm, which is so small I’m not sure I’ll even get any use out of it, but the packaging is cute, so at least there’s that.


Is it sad that I was probably most excited for this -417 hand moisturizer? My hands have been really dry lately and I needed something to keep in my purse so I can have it handy whenever, and this is the perfect size, it seems delicious and it seems good so far!

I was also very excited to receive the Pretty Woman nail polish in I Can’t Deal, because I’ve been thinking about grey polishes for a while and this came just at the right time! I haven’t tried it yet, but I can’t wait to see if I like it.

Last (and definitely least) is a Trust Fund Beauty lip gloss in Method to the Madness. I have no idea if it’s any good, but I don’t like lip gloss and have no use for it, so it went into the discard pile.

That’s it for this month’s bag! What did you get in your ipsy this month?


Review: Doris pants by Pinup Girl Clothing

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a very exciting one and I’m about to tell you why. I fell in love with a pair of pants not long after I was turned onto Pinup Girl Clothing, because I envisioned myself wearing these pants and turned into Peggy Carter.

I lusted over them from afar, waiting anxiously for them to be restocked in time for the Black Friday sale… just for them to be restocked two days before and sold out promptly.

It seemed like my fate with these pants was doomed, until a beautiful angel alerted me that one of the colors was on sale and with a coupon code, they came out to be less than $60 (which for this brand is pretty amazing) so I didn’t think about it too hard and bought them, despite never even wanting the khaki ones in the first place.

Well… I fell in love again.

This is the story of the Doris pants and our amazing love affair.

These pants, as you can see, are absolutely beautiful and perfect and I couldn’t love them any more on me than I did before seeing them on. After lusting after them and looking enviously at everyone who owned them, they’re finally mine and they very well may be my favorite clothing item… ever.

So of course, I had to go and buy another pair.

After seeing how much I loved the khaki pants, I went and bought the black ones (I even paid full price!!) just so I could get my hands on them and I’m not even sorry.

They’re made out of a pebble crepe fabric, fully lined, with decent sized pockets that fit phones or other small items comfortably. The waistband is elasticized and the back zipper makes the silhouette seamless, and the wide legs and pleats make them feel elegant and timeless.

The lining does make them pretty warm, so I probably won’t be wearing these all year long, but they’re perfect for chilly weather or cold air-conditioned offices.

Now, these pants are very, very long and most people would need to get them hemmed — personally, I won’t be hemming the khaki ones because they fit perfectly when I wear flats, but I’m debating hemming the black ones because they’re longer and I can only wear heels with them currently.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. These pants are heavy, luxurious and timeless, and I’m sure they’ll be a stable in my wardrobe for a long time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below.



And the Charm Award Goes to… January 2017 Boxycharm

Hi lovelies! Today’s post is the always exciting Boxycharm unboxing for the month! This month’s theme, as you can see in the title, is “And the Charm Award Goes to…” which is a MOUTHFUL.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


This month featured three items and two tools, which I like as it gives the box some variety! I like the box overall and will be keeping all but one of the items.


First, we got a Konjac sponge from gorge. Or is it gorge*? Who knows? Anyway, I’ve never tried a Konjac sponge and I’m excited to try it and see how it makes my skin feel!

Then we got the English Laundry perfume, which let me tell you, is a GODSEND. I’ve been desperately needing a new perfume and I loved this one, so I’m really happy to have a new scent! I haven’t been wearing perfume at all lately and I really missed it.


Up next is the PUR Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer, which went straight into the discard pile since it’s sadly way too dark for me (trust me, it’s darker than it looks in the picture).

One of the things I was most excited to see was the So Susan fan brush, because I’ve been dying to try one but the only one I’ve had was way too big for highlighter! I can’t wait to try this and see if I like it, fingers crossed.

Last but very certainly not least is the Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter Duo Set, which features the colors Rose Quartz and Chocolate Diamond. We just got a Vintage Cosmetics highlighter not too long ago (what’s up with that, Boxycharm?) but I actually love it, so I’m not too bothered to have received the same brand so close together.

What did you get in this month’s Boxycharm? Let me know in the comments below!


Black Friday PUG haul, pt. 2

Hi everyone! You might be rolling your eyes at how late this post is, but at this point, you probably also know how giant of a procrastinator I am so I won’t even say anything.

This is the second installment of my Black Friday haul from Pinup Girl Clothing, the first part of which you can see here. I had to shoot these pictures separately (though some of the clothes might seem familiar) because I had to return one of the tops and it didn’t come in time for the first photoshoot.

Let’s get started, shall we?


The first thing I got was my first peasant top from PUG, which I was really excited about! I bought the pastel yellow peasant top because lately, I’ve been obsessed with yellow and this one was just calling me. In the new peasant top run, the large fits me perfectly, but in the old one, I fit squarely into an XL.


Next are the Funny Face pants in black, and while I had told myself I was done after Friday, seeing my friend Kirsten in these pants convinced me that I needed them in my life, and I certainly don’t regret it in the slightest. They’re amazingly comfortable and really versatile, and I can dress them up or down!

The only downside is that they are very stretchy and after a couple of wears, the stretch definitely shows and I have to pull them up constantly (or they get saggy knees). I’ll most likely just swap these for the next size down.


Last but certainly not least is the Malia top in dark green. I saw a few lovely ladies wearing it and I just couldn’t resist, and I’m definitely glad I bought it because I’m in love with how it looks! It’s flattering, classy, a beautiful color and warm but not overbearingly so, making it the perfect top to wear to work.

And that would be the end of my Black Friday purchases, only two months after the date. Oops?

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear what you think.


The littlest lipstick haul, pt. 2

Hi everyone! I’m sure no one at all is shocked by the title of this post, so I won’t even make any excuses or say anything at all.


You all saw that my latest lipstick obsessions have been Bésame Cosmetics and Beauty Bakerie, as you could see in my last haul post. Well, somehow I managed to get my hands on more lipsticks… it was a total mystery…

Just kidding. I have no self-control and PayPal makes it very easy to spend money.


The stars of today’s shows are these lovely beauties you see here. Bésame Cosmetics in 1945 American Beauty and Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips in Mon Cheri and Raspberry Tiramisu. Yes, I did just go and get my hands on two red lipsticks I have at least another five of and another berry color I probably have a good few of.



American Beauty, the top swatch you see, is a beautiful blue-toned red, almost a little more blue-toned than the classic red lipstick, and that’s what I love about it! Mon Cheri is a bright, bright bright red, essentially the classic bold red lip in a smudge-proof, everything-proof formula. And lastly, Raspberry Tiramisu is a dark berry color, the perfect lipstick for fall and when I feel like I’m in a 1940s noir film.


You can definitely see a lot better with the flash, especially how cool American Beauty is! I received that was a Christmas present from my little brother, and the other two I purchased for myself as an impulse (and I’m not even sorry).

Have you tried any of these lipsticks before? Do you want to? Let’s chat in the comments below and thanks for reading!


Disney Christmas, princess style

Hi lovelies! I know you’re probably all thinking, what is this girl doing, writing a post about Christmas well into January?! In my defense, Three Kings Day was just two days ago, so it’s only two days past the Christmas season… right?


You’ve probably learned by now how much my friends and I love dressing up and going to Disney, so when my friend Paola bought her annual pass, of course we had to celebrate with a trip to Magic Kingdom! We decided our theme was winter princesses and we each picked a princess to inspire our outfits.

Care to guess who’s who?

Okay, if you didn’t get it, here it is from left to right: Katie is dressed as Aurora, I’m dressed as Elena (the new Latina princess, who is AWESOME), Paola is dressed as Snow White and Kyra is dressed as Ariel!

It wouldn’t be a Disney trip without twirling pictures! For my Elena outfit, I wore the red Havana Nights dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, which belongs to my dear friend April, who was so generous to let me borrow it for a few weeks! I absolutely love this dress and will 100% buy it at some point or another.

The amazing hat is vintage and belongs to our Aurora, who looked like a walking black market for vintage accessories, pulling everything you could think of our of her tote! The brooch I’m wearing also belongs to her, and I discovered while playing with it that it opens and actually has some (very, very old) lip balm inside. Isn’t that neat? Lastly, the gloves I’m wearing (which I wish I’d gotten a closeup of) are also Katie’s!

My petticoat is vintage Malco Modes, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I got it on eBay after totally lowballing it and the seller accepted, to my absolute joy! It’s a little long so I usually have to roll it up a few times depending on the hemline of my dress, but I can make it work.

The belt was a birthday gift from Paola and Kyra, the shawl is my mom’s (but I may or may not have kept it now) and the shoes are my trusty Jessica Simpson flats and they’re the comfiest, cutest shoes I own.

So that’s all I have for you today, folks, thank you for reading! I’d love to hear what you thought of our Disney adventures, please leave me a comment and we can chat.