All dolled up for Doll Me Up

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m back again with a new fashion post and a very exciting one at that — my first ever order from Doll Me Up!

As soon as I found out that they were having an incredible sale for Black Friday, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to stock up on cropped cardigans, which are an essential for the working pinup girl (especially when your office is as cold as mine is!), so I grabbed four different cardigans, along with four different head scarves, which are a staple for any retro-loving girl.


Cardigan + scarf: Doll Me Up. Top + pants: Pinup Girl Clothing.

I took my lovely friend Paola out to a cute little area nearby where she lives and she was kind enough to take my pictures for me. Of course, our photo shoots are never without a fair share of funny, goofy and downright weird pictures, so I’ll be sharing some of those jewels on here for you guys to enjoy.


Doll Me Up has a variety of colors of the Tootsie Crop Cardigan in sizes from S to 4X and they cost $23.99 each, but I was able to snag them for $16.99 each at the Black Friday sale. I only wish I had bought a couple more!


I’m usually an XL in most repro brands, but in these cardigans, I sized down to a L and they fit perfectly. Seriously. I cannot rave about these cardigans enough. At this point, I have 11 different colors and they’re amazing, because they go well with all of my dresses, skirts and tops and they’re perfect for a chilly office (like mine).


I bought four cardigans and four scarves, so it seemed logical to pair them up to go with the outfit I was wearing (for a different blog post, but you won’t see these pictures again). I got the cardigans in the colors Magenta, Baby Yellow, Teal Blue and Blush respectively (and I have more in navy, white, mustard, burgundy, ice blue, mint and black) and I’m fully considering going back for at least two or three more! I know, I have a problem.

I also purchased their Nifty 50’s hair scarves in the colors Raspberry, Aqua, Sea Blue and Navy Blue — and I want to go back for more! These scarves are $13.99 but I was able to get each one for $5.99 each (which is good, because 14 dollars for a head scarf is a bit much for me — sorry DMU!).

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases and I feel like a world of outfit opportunities has presented itself to me — and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection!

Thanks for reading — did you buy anything on Black Friday?



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