She wants the D(isney brooch): Lola D’s Boutique review

Hi loves! I hope you’re all enjoying my cheesy mug in the featured photo of this post, because it’s a pretty accurate representation of who I am as a person and I feel no shame in sharing (nor should I). Anyway, before I get off track, let’s get into it!

A few months ago, my friends Paola and Kirsten over at The Hepburn Movement wrote a review about these beautiful Disney brooches they had received from Kristen over at Lola D’s Boutique on Etsy and I knew right away I needed one of these beautiful brooches in my life!

Thankfully, Kristen is the absolute sweetest and was kind enough to send me some for me to review on my little blog — the best part is I was so sure I was getting just one, and she surprised me with two brooches AND some adorable hair clips on top of it!


Top/pants: Pinup Girl Clothing. Cardigan: Doll Me Up. Brooch: C/O Lola D’s Boutique.

The brooch I thought I was getting was this mint resin Disneyland brooch, which is pretty common to see within the pinup community amongst Disney fans, but what makes Kristen’s brooches special is that they’re amazing quality for a fraction of the price!

I absolutely love the Disneyland brooch and I can’t wait to wear it to the parks. It’s sturdy, the pin back definitely won’t undo on its own and it’s just absolutely beautiful — you can tell it was made with love.


Top/pants: Pinup Girl Clothing. Cardigan/scarf: Doll Me Up. Brooch: C/O Lola D’s Boutique.

The one she surprised me with was this adorable glitter Minnie carriage brooch, which is very fitting because I have been obsessed with Cinderella lately (how did she know?!) and on top of that, it matches the head scarf I’m wearing in this picture perfectly!

These brooches were a wonderful beginning to what I’m sure will grow to be an extensive brooch collection, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Kristen for being so kind as to send me these beautifully made brooches. Please please please check out her shop and buy all the adorable crafty things!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys on Wednesday!



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