Fancy dresses and bridal boutiques

Hi hello friends!! I know I’ve majorly sucked at blogging lately but I’ve been juggling a lot between my new grown up job (!!) and life (and also I just forget). I promise I’m actually making an effort this time and I’m going to try changing my posting day to Sunday and maybe I’ll do better!

Today’s post is the first fashion post we’ve had in a while over here, but I’m so excited to share this with you all! Back in September, my lovely friend Kaitlyn invited me, along with two of our friends, to her sister’s bridal boutique launch party. Of course, I could never turn down an opportunity to dress up and get all dolled up!


So off we went with our cutest, fanciest dresses, hair flowers and pearls. The boutique is called One & Only Bridal Boutique, and it is the CUTEST place ever. Heaven looks like a boutique full of beautiful gowns, let me tell you.

And how cute are my friends? From left to right, we have Kyra, wearing The Pretty Dress Company (and I swoon over that dress), Paola, also wearing TPDC, Kaitlyn, wearing Pinup Girl Clothing, and myself, wearing Hearts & Roses London.

Once there, we found this amazing spot with great lighting, and of course, a photoshoot ensued. Having friends with photography skills has been a great gift to my self-esteem, because looking at these pictures makes me feel great about myself in a way I never have before. (Of course, I love my friends for more than just that.)


In every photoshoot I do with them, there are always two pictures: the one where they make me laugh so I stop looking like I’m in pain, and the one where Paola says something that I side eye her for. That one won’t be included because it’s just not cute, but I love laughing pictures!

I’m slowly but surely transitioning into full-time pinup and honestly, I feel like I’m living my best life. I love being who I am in 2016 and you couldn’t pay me to go back to the 1950s (unless I could go just to steal all their clothes and then come back).

Thanks for reading! What makes you feel great when you wear it? Let me know in the comments!



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