The Unbasic Basics: Play! by Sephora, September 2016

Surprise! Hi loves! You get two posts this week, because I wanted to make sure to get this post up before September actually ended and since I’m actually ahead on posts for once, I figured I might as well do a bonus post for the week. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go back to two posts a week soon!


As you can see, this month’s theme was the Unbasic Basics and came with five items plus a perfume sample, along with the cute bag they send everything in every month. I have so many bags from ipsy that I’m not entirely sure what to do with these bags but they’re so cute, it seems like a waste to throw them away. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.


This month, we received a Kat Von D tattoo liner in the deluxe sample size, which I already had gotten as a point perk from Sephora, but it’s such a good liner that I’ll definitely be keeping it! Next, we got an Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel, which is going to the pass on pile, the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Protector, which is definitely staying, and the perfume sample is Sud Magnolia by Atelier, also a pass.


Lastly, we received a mini Sephora Rouge Shine lipstick in #14, which I’ll be passing since I don’t like sheer lipsticks and I have enough colors like this one, and the OleHenriksen sheer transformation facial creme, which was going to be a pass, but I’m considering keeping it because looking at the description, it sounds pretty good.

So that’s it for today’s post! Have you signed up for Play! by Sephora yet?



Camp Glam: September 2016 Boxycharm


Hi friends! Today’s post is a very belated Boxycharm unboxing, which I normally aim to do the week I receive them, but life has just been too busy and hectic for me to keep up with my normal blogging schedule lately!


This month’s Boxycharm theme was Camp Glam, which is a little out there if you ask me (since when is camping something glam to do?!), but I will say that I loved this month’s box and it definitely is more than worth its price!


This month, we received five different full-size items, which retail for $110.95 total! Isn’t that a good value for a box that costs around $22 a month? So who wants to hear about the items in this month’s box?


First up is the item I was most excited to receive: a full-size butterLONDON nail polish in the color Yummy Mummy. I love nudes and this is a beautiful cool-toned, almost grey-ish one, which will be perfect for both fall and my work (which doesn’t allow nail polish colors outside the nude spectrum).

Next, we have the Hikari Cosmetics eye liner, which went straight to my pile of items to sell or trade, since I own way too many eye liners for someone who doesn’t know how to wear eye liner!

Then we received the Project Beauty Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Hair Masque. I love hair masks and I was really excited to see this in the box, which I can’t wait to try! The only thing I love more than hair masks are the ones that you can use as a pre-shampoo treatment, but I can always give it a shot with this one and see how it goes.


Last but not least, we have the two biggest and priciest items in the box this month: first is the Studio Makeup On the Go palette, which retails for a whooping $49.95!! I know this is far from the most expensive item Boxycharm has sent out, but I can’t help but be excited, especially looking at those colors!

The other item is the PUR Cosmetics Lip Lure in the color Graceful. This is a beautiful dark nude color which I couldn’t wait to try on and so far, I really like it. It’s comfortable, hydrating, but still super pigmented and the best part is it’s not sticky at all!

So that’s it for this month’s Boxycharm! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what we get in next month’s box. Thanks for reading!


Review: Wet n Wild Brush Up! Brush Cleansing Cloths

Hi guys! First of all, let me apologize for the extended absence. I was honestly not planning on taking a month off my blog, but I was really sick for over a week and then life just got in the way, so I’m very behind on my posts now! I’m going to do my best to catch up and hopefully get back to writing once a week like I used to.

Today’s post is all about these Wet n Wild brush cleansing cloths, which I saw at Walgreens a few weeks ago for four dollars, if I’m not mistaken. We all know that cleaning our makeup brushes is a pain in the butt, so I’m always on the lookout for a new way to spot clean in between deep cleans and these seemed very interesting — read on for the review!


Here we have the three brushes I tested the wipes on: a Real Techniques expert face brush, a Wet n Wild eyeshadow brush, and a Real Techniques setting brush. As you guys can see, the brushes are fairly dirty from being used several times, so let’s see how well these wipes work!


First up is the Real Techniques expert face brush. This is the brush I use for applying and blending my foundation nine times out of ten, and you can tell by the amount of product on the wipe! This picture, as well as the next two, are post-cleaning pictures.


Up next is the Real Techniques setting brush, which is my preferred highlighter brush. This one is not as dirty as the face brush, but still had a good amount of product on the brush.


Lastly, the Wet n Wild eyeshadow brush. This one is arguably the cleanest one, even though it looks dirtiest in the before picture! The wipes work very well in my opinion, but it’s obviously not good enough to replace deep cleaning your brushes; however, they are great for spot cleaning!

It takes a lot of rubbing and switching from one side of the wipe to the other, but you can clean 1-2 brushes per wipe depending on how big and how dirty they are, and get most of the product off. Overall, I’m very happy with these wipes and would recommend them to someone looking for a way to spot clean their brushes!

Thanks for reading, I will hopefully get back to blogging on a weekly basis from now on!