OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN: Sephora haulin’

Hi my beautiful angels! As you can probably surmise from the title (and as you know if you read last week’s post), I’m coming at you with yet another haul, this time exclusively from Sephora!

Before anyone says anything, let me defend myself: half this haul was bought with store credit and VIB points, so you can only judge me for one half of it. Okay? Okay. (I feel your judgment, but come on, we’ve all made bad decisions.)


Let’s start with the “I probably really didn’t need this” half: the lip products. I’ve been on the hunt for a lot of specific lip colors and Sephora had all three of those in their range, so how could I resist? I got another one of the Sephora Collection cream lip stains, this time in Strawberry Kissed — if you’ve read my blog, you’ve probably seen me talk about these liquid lipsticks and how they are some of the best and most underrated (plus affordable!) liquid lipsticks ever.

Then I got three of the Luster Matte lipsticks, in the colors Petal Luster, Mulberry Luster and Deep Plum Luster. Petal Luster was a total impulse buy, but the other two are exactly the colors I’ve been thirsting over so I’m really excited to have them!


From top to bottom: Strawberry Kissed, Petal Luster, Mulberry Luster and Deep Plum Luster. (Sorry for the bad lighting, I should have taken these pictures earlier!)


And for the more reasonable half of my haul, we have the Caviar Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist, which I got with my VIB points, the Cover FX Mattifying Primer, and the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

The story behind those last two is this: a few months ago, I got a mattifying primer from BECCA but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me at all, so I returned it and went back to looking for the perfect mattifying primer for my ever-so-oily skin. Now, fast forward to last month when I found this Cover FX primer as a point perk at a Sephora, tried it out and LOVED it, so I decided to get it with the store credit I got from the BECCA primer.

My two options were: buy the full size Cover FX primer for the same price as the BECCA one and call it a day, or try out the mini one (which they thankfully had in store) and get something else. I pondered on this decision for a long, long time, but as soon as I saw this mini of the Laura Mercier powder than everyone and their mother raves about, I knew I needed it!

So voila, that’s my haul for today. Tune in next week for the next haul post because lol I have no self-control.




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