Baby’s first Pinup Girl Clothing item!

Hi my beautiful tropical fishies! Today’s post is my first fashion post in forever and a day, and what better way to bring back fashion to my post than by writing about my beautiful new skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing?

I was introduced to Pinup Girl Clothing (lovingly called PUG for short) by my friend Katie, who is the proud owner of quite a few of their pieces and has been raving about them for ages! I knew when I saw her beautiful dresses and skirts that I needed to get something of theirs in my hands, but when I saw Katie’s Jenny skirt, my fate was sealed. Unfortunately, none of the current Jenny dress colorways were something I loved enough to spend so much on it so I began looking into the skirts, and when I found the Jenny skirt in turquoise and black harlequin, I knew I had found my first Jenny.

The Jenny skirt is a beautiful full gathered skirt, perfect for twirling around in it (as you can see I did a lot of during the taking of these pictures). It’s full enough that you could wear a nice and full petticoat with it, but it looks good without a petticoat and still has a nice volume.


I took Jenny out for a spin at Universal, where my friend Hayley was kind enough to get some pictures of me in the skirt. True story: I used to hate taking pictures because I hated looking at my body in pictures, and last fall, during my grad photoshoot, Hayley had to resort to making the weirdest noises to get a good smile out of me. I’ve gotten a lot better at pictures since then, and there was very minimal noise-making during this shoot! It’s the magic of PUG, obviously.

(Also, this is the face I apparently make when Captain America asks me to hold his shield for me. I followed that with asking if I could throw it, but his answer was a very resounding no.)

I can’t even begin to explain how great I felt waltzing around the park in my Jenny, and I can’t wait to splurge on another PUG item sooner (or later). You can tell it’s amazing quality and even worth the money it cost! Just don’t tell my mom how much I spent on it.

For this outfit, I paired the skirt with a loose satin-y cami from LOFT, a red hair scarf from Amazon, and a pair of Jessica Simpson Mandalaye flats. I didn’t wear any jewelry this time around, but the other few times I’ve worn it, I’ve spruced up the outfit with jewelry and a petticoat and it looks beautiful all together!

My favorite thing about the skirt (besides, well, everything) is that the colors in the skirt make it super versatile to match with. There’s dark red, baby pink, teal and mint colors in the print, which means there’s a variety of colors to pick from to match your outfit! And better yet, a red lipstick will always go with the skirt.

What do you think of my new baby? Had you heard of Pinup Girl Clothing before?



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