Shop My Stash: Essie nail polish

Hi guys! So I don’t know what happened to me the last two weeks but I had an unexpected hiatus and I’m back now! I had pictures taken but I just really couldn’t find it in me to write up these blog posts so I just let myself take a week off the blog but now I’m back with a post all about one of my favorite nail polish brands!

I haven’t really ever done a post talking about nail polish (other than mentioning it in hauls or favorites) but I wanted to talk about Essie polishes since they’re definitely way up there on my favorite nail polishes and I’ve amassed a small but nice collection of them over the years.


Six nail polishes may not seem like a lot, but considering they’re eight dollars a pop, my collection is nothing to scoff at! From left to right, we have Sugar Daddy, Eternal Optimist, Ladylike, Big Spender, Butler Please and Mint Candy Apple.

IMG_0003These three are the ones I like to think of as my work nail polishes, since unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear non-neutral colors to work. I’ll be completely honest — I’ve never worn Sugar Daddy, but I do like the color so I keep it for the day I decide I want to wear baby pink. Eternal Optimist and Ladylike are definitely two of my favorites to wear to work though! The formula on these is great and while no nail polish can survive on my nails, these last really well.

IMG_0004And these colors are the ones I’d love to wear on a daily basis but unfortunately can only get away with when I have a lot of time away from work. I’ve never worn Mint Candy Apple but I’ve been obsessively wanting that color for AGES so I was very happy when I got it — now I just need a chance to wear it!

I have a long long list of Essie polishes I want to get down the road: Au Naturel, Island Hopping, In Stitches, Hot Coco, Chinchilly, Bikini So Teeny, Spin the Bottle, Boy Best Friend, High Class Affair and Shades On. It’ll take a while to acquire all of these at the price they are but I’ll probably invest in a few sooner or later!

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite Essie colors?



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