Life update and recent changes

Hi loves! You may remember reading a post I wrote back in January about embarking on a journey to get healthy, get fit, and lose weight so I can make a permanent change to my lifestyle. It was an emotional post to write, but I’m proud of myself for getting the words out there and even prouder of myself for taking the initiative to make the change.

It’s been about three and a half months since that post went up, and I’ve managed to (mostly) stay on track with my goal. I’ve had days when all I wanted was to eat some fries and sit on the couch, but I managed to get up, just like I’ve had days when I didn’t manage to get up. The important thing is that I understand that this is a process, and it won’t change my life overnight.

I’m not going to lie, the past two weeks have been hard. I’ve managed to stray from my goals, both in diet and exercise, and work has been rough and has been getting me down. Thankfully, my job keeps me very physically active even if I don’t go to the gym or go to zumba, but I need to keep on track and keep working hard and not let bad days get in my way.

I also need to know that some days, when I don’t feel like doing anything and can hardly manage to muster the motivation to go to the gym, it’s okay to have a rest day, but I can’t forget that if I keep saying that I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, tomorrow will never come.

Overall, I’ve done really well and I’m proud of myself for it. I’ve lost weight, I feel better, I don’t get tired as quickly, and cutting sugar out of my diet completely has made a huge difference in my life. 2016 will be the year for me to keep changing, keep learning, and keep getting healthy, and I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any tips on ways to stay motivated and active?



4 thoughts on “Life update and recent changes

  1. Good for you! It’s definitely not easy. For me (especially now that I’m pregnant), it’s extra hard to stay on track because I not only can’t diet but I actually have to eat EXTRA calories. I try my best to make sure I only eat the good stuff and walk as much as possible (esp since I have a desk job) but I have days too where all I do is stuff my face with fries (not even sorry :-P). And that’s okay too :) We’ll both get there! Keep it up :)


  2. Well done Valentina for keeping on track- it ain’t easy one bit but you’re nailing it :) And you’re so right in saying that somedays it’s okay to have a rest!!! We all need that down time & the occasional treat ;) Go you! XX


  3. Keep it up! I think it’s great to acknowledge the ups and downs. It’s never going to be a linear line of progress. Do you have a friend is also on a quest for healthier lifestyle? I find that it’s helpful to have a buddy system to keep motivated and accountable.


  4. Well Done! I’m also on a similar path – it’s a lifestyle change and that won’t change over night, you also have to let yourself enjoy things I’ve found every now and again, I find if I tell myself I can’t have something (e.g a chocolate bar) i’ll want it more than anything in the world, rather than you can have this if you’ve stuck to your goals for the week is far more motivating to keep me going with a treat at the end! Keep at it :) xxx


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