Beauty budget 101: details and initial update

Hi my loves! Today’s blog is another life-ish post, but this time, we’ll be discussing my spending habits, instead of my blog goals. Much like any other beauty addict out there, I can easily and quickly spend all my money on makeup, but constantly going on a No Buy is no fun, so I decided to put myself on a Low Buy for the rest of 2016, and depending on how I do, continue it onto next year. I got the beauty budget idea from Rachael and adapted it to US dollars, so the credit goes to her for coming up with this plan!

My beauty budget plan works much like an allowance of sorts: every month, I get 30 dollars to spend (not counting gift cards, points cashed it, etc.). If I go over the 30 dollars, I subtract from the next month’s budget, but this is only for small amounts, so I don’t spend 90 dollars in one go and say I subtracted it from the next two months. If I have left over money, it rolls over to next month for some extra spending!

This way, I can plan out a very detailed budget for the rest of the year, and know exactly what I want to get my hands on this year (while still controlling my expenses). I started this in March, when I got back to the US, so let’s see how I’ve done so far.

  • March: Too Faced Sweet Peach palette ($49, with $25 Sephora gift card), Revlon nail polish ($5.99).
  • April: Nothing so far, though I’m planning on getting the MAC Oh Lady liquid lipstick ($20) and letting $10 roll over to next month’s budget.
  • May: MAC Tailored to Tease ($20) and ABH Carina ($20). Yes, two liquid lipsticks!

I do have the rest of my ideal purchases written down, but since nothing is set in stone, I’m going to leave them as a mystery until my next haul or beauty budget update!

Have you ever tried a beauty budget? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “Beauty budget 101: details and initial update

  1. Well as long as you don’t copy my spending habits, I came to read this after just buying 4 ofra liquid lipsticks and a huge makeup geek order. Attempting a total no buy this month after this month was a blow out mess! Tailored to tease is on my list too, but I think I might have just ordered one similar from ofra though so I’ll hold back til it arrives and compare with online searches. Sorry if I influenced on oh lady, it will look gorgeous on you though 🙈😃


  2. Those colors are beautiful! I can’t help but splurge on makeup occasionally- but these budget friendly ideas are great! Excellent article! Btw, for anyone on a budget, try the Ibotta App- it helps me save money and earn Cash on purchases, plus you can get $10 for signing up using code: apbnfta


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