My makeup brush collection: a collab with Helpless Whilst Drying

Hi loves! Continuing on my collab extravaganza, today’s post is a collab with the beautiful Rachael over at Helpless Whilst Drying. Her blog is one of my favorites to read, so I was super excited when she agreed to doing this collab! We decided we wanted to talk about our brush collection, because as proper makeup junkies, we have tons and tons of brushes and it’s one of the things that you don’t see people talk about much, outside of their favorite brushes to use! Make sure you head over to Rachael’s blog to read all about her brush collection.


By now, my makeup brushes are something I’m really very proud of — I’ve amassed quite the collection over the last few years and I’ve invested in some great brushes that I absolutely love. While I still want to get some Sigma or Morphe brushes, I find that these are perfect for what I need right now.


First, we’ll start with my most used face brushes. From left to right, we have a BH Cosmetics fan brush, two powder brushes, a Real Techniques buffing brush, stippling brush and contour brush, a BH Cosmetics angled blush brush, a Luxie Beauty small contour brush, a BH Cosmetics complexion blending brush, and a Real Techniques pointed foundation brush and setting brush. I rarely ever use these for what they’re intended for, but isn’t that the whole point?


Then we have my most used eye brushes. From left to right, they are: a BH Cosmetics spooley brush and lip brush, a Luxie Beauty concealer brush, a Crown Brush crease/shadow brush, a BH Cosmetics fluffy angled shadow brush, a Crown Brush oval concealer brush, a BH Cosmetics classic shadow brush, a Bdellium Tools 776 brush, two Luxie Beauty tapered blending brushes, a BH Cosmetics blending brush, and an elf eyeshadow brush.


And then we have all the extra brushes that sit in my collection looking pretty, because I don’t use them for much if I’m being honest. I’m not going to go through all of these individually, but as you can see, I have a lot of BH Cosmetics (the pros of buying brush sets) and a surprising amount of foundation brushes, considering I don’t use foundation brushes like… at all.

So that’s my brush collection! I still want to try some new brands, especially Morphe (and especially some of their face brushes), but in the meantime, what I have works perfectly well and I don’t think I’m missing anything.

What brushes do you think my collection needs? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to head over to Rachael’s blog for her post!



17 thoughts on “My makeup brush collection: a collab with Helpless Whilst Drying

  1. Aw those cups you store them in are so cute! Mine are pretty utilitarian – clear acrylic holders.
    One observation – your brush handles are all so colourful! Mine are so plain – mostly black and silver handles.
    Have you ever tried Coastal Scents brushes? They’re pretty good and cheap too. I love their MAC 217 dupe:
    It’s good to wait for a sale too, they often have 50% off.
    I also like the Sedona Lace brushes I’ve gotten.


  2. I am a brush hoarder! I have two which are over 10 years old (and is still going strong) and one that’s falling apart and I can’t bring myself to trash it…


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