I’ve got mail: Lucie’s care package

Hi guys! So today I’ve got a very very exciting post to share with you all. For months and months, Lucie and I have been planning a little makeup exchange where we’d buy makeup from our respective countries for each other and send it across the pond and we finally got around to sending it! I’m super excited to share what goodies Lucie got for me, and I absolutely loved everything!


The box was so cute and everything I got was awesome!! Lucie was definitely super generous and I can’t even explain how excited I was to try out all this stuff!


Let me start with the yummiest stuff — the candy! She got me all these yummy goodies from the UK and I devoured everything in no time. The fudge especially was delicious, I shared it with my family and they loved it!


Lucie and I share a love of LUSH bath bombs, but for some reason, the stores here in Orlando are always lacking in variety, so she sent me my very own bath bomb from the Oxford Street store in London (and it’s the Frozen one, which I thought was very appropriate since I love Disney). Funny story: I was worried the bath bomb would have broken on its trip across the ocean and thankfully it didn’t, but it did shed a lot and leave everything a little bit powdery, including the fudge! I had to explain why it tasted a little soapy to my family and it was really amusing.


I specifically asked for the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer after hearing such great things from so many UK bloggers about it, and I haven’t seen any products from this range in the US, sadly! The color was spot on and I can’t wait to give it a try. She also got me the Good to Glow highlighter from Rimmel in Soho Glow, which I also haven’t seen here and I love it!


Of course, Lucie knows me well and she knows my love for lip products, so the box came with so many of those! I got a Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Nude-ist, the famous Rimmel lip liner in Eastend Snob (I love Rimmel’s shade names in the UK!), a gloss stick from Soap and Glory and a lipstick from Makeup Revolution.


The color on all of these is spot on and I absolutely love them all! From left to right, we have Bourjois, Soap and Glory, Makeup Revolution and Rimmel.


Last but certainly not least, she got me an eyeshadow palette from MUA, a brand I’ve tried and loved before! This is the Hall of Fame palette, which consists of 12 of the most popular shades MUA has had in other palettes. She also got me a single shadow from Makeup Revolution, a liquid liner from Collection, and a mascara from Bourjois!

If you don’t follow Lucie already, definitely check her blog out RIGHT NOW!! What are you waiting for?

And thank you again Lucie for the most amazing care package I’ve ever received, I loved everything in it and I can’t wait to play with it all! This was so generous of you and the best idea we’ve had all year!!




9 thoughts on “I’ve got mail: Lucie’s care package

  1. Getting sweets from other countries is the BEST part of swapping! :D
    So weird that Rimmel Wake Me Up range isn’t available in the US. It’s here in Canada!
    That Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Nude-ist is beautiful! <3 I want it now.


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