Black Friday haul, part 2

Hello, beauties! Today we have part two of my huge and irresponsible Black Friday haul! This is definitely the bigger of the two posts, so I can’t wait to share these goodies with you!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?


I placed a sizable order over at the L.A. Girl site because they had everything 40% off their already cheap prices, and I’m so excited to try out everything I got! First, we have their lip liner in the colors Forever Red, Forever, Rose, Burgundy, and Raspberry. I totally forgot Rose when I took the pictures, so that’s why it’s only four in there.


From left to right, we have Forever Red, Burgundy, Raspberry, and Forever.


Up next, we have the Glazed Lip Paints and the Matte Flat Pigment Glosses. I got the lip paints in Blushing, Tango, Feisty, Bombshell and Pin-up, and the “glosses” in Fleur, Secret, Timeless and Obsess. (I don’t know why they call them glosses, these are definitely liquid matte lipsticks.)


From top to bottom, we have: Obsess, Secret, Timeless and Fleur.


From left to right, we have: Blushing, Tango, Bombshell, Feisty and Pin-up.

So that’s it for my L.A. Girl stuff! I haven’t tried much of it so far other than trying on the paints and the glosses on my lips to see how the colors looked. The ones I was most surprised by were Tango (which is so much more coral than red than I pictured) and Feisty (which is straight up orange and I probably won’t keep). Out of the glosses, I loved Fleur and I left it on long enough to dry, but even then, it wasn’t completely matte. Otherwise, it was comfortable on my lips when it dried!


Now for these suckers: MORE LIPSTICK! I’ve been eyeing Santa Monica ever since I first heard about OFRA lipsticks on Rachael’s blog and with the 50% off, I couldn’t resist. I also caved and got Manhattan (a dark, dusty mauve) and Bel Air (a really good nude) because I’m an OFRA lipstick addict. Who wants to join my club?


Here we have Bel Air, Manhattan and Santa Monica respectively. I was really happy to see I don’t have anything quite like Manhattan (the closest I have is Lolita, but that’s less purple and more brown), but I totally have a few that look like Santa Monica, even one almost exact dupe (one of the Stila lipsticks, if I’m not mistaken).


And for the last of my goodies, we have the translucent highlighting luxury powder and the beautiful You Glow Girl highlighter that the girls from dupethat created with OFRA! I was super tempted to get both, but I resisted and only got this one, since I saw that the other one was super close to Mary-Lou Manizer, and I already have that in my stash!

So that’s the last of my big Black Friday haul, but expect a part 1.5 with one order that still hasn’t come and another few goodies I picked up on Tuesday!

What did you get for Black Friday?



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