Black Friday haul, part 1

Hi my loves! Here I am, after unexpectedly taking a few days off my blog (aka not setting time aside to write new posts and having to work too many days last week).

It’s a little late, but since I’m just now getting my Black Friday purchases, the next two posts will be all about that! I’m still waiting for a few more purchases and the next post will be way longer than this one, but I couldn’t wait to share these goodies with you guys!


Up first, we have this gorgeous baby and the reason I was even on the Ulta website in the first place! This is the Lorac Love, Lust & Lace matte eye shadow palette, which I got for a whopping 12 bucks! Considering that this has one less shade than Naked Basics and cost less than half the price of that one, this one was for sure I steal!

I wanted to get something small that I could easily travel with, but I know I need more matte shadows and I figured this fit the bill perfectly on both accounts. The colors are very simple but very versatile, and that grey looks so much more beautiful in person than it did on the website!


The second part of my Ulta purchase was two of the (fairly) new NYX Liquid Suede cream lipsticks. I got the colors Vintage (on the left) and Kitten Heels (on the right) and let me just say, I love Vintage so much more than I was expecting to!

They both look beautiful and they dry to a nice matte but they’re not totally drying (not transfer proof either). I can’t wait to see how they wear throughout the day!

2015-12-05 13.49.49

As a bonus, here’s a selfie of me wearing Vintage! I couldn’t resist putting it on when it came in the mail and I really love how it looks, it’s so vampy and perfect for fall and it’s such a unique color to boot! I really love it!


Lastly, we have theBalm Cosmetics’ Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick in Devoted (left) and Sentimental (right). I know I already have like ten different lipsticks that look just like these, but after trying out the lipstick I got in my ipsy the other day at work, I couldn’t resist their Black Friday sale!

These are probably one of the best liquid lipstick formulas I’ve ever tried (and that’s saying a lot). They dry to a complete matte and they’re 100% transfer proof once dry, but after wearing it for more than seven hours, they get a little uncomfortable and crumble a bit on the inside of my lips. No lipstick is perfect, but these are pretty damn close!


And f0r some swatches, we have Vintage, Kitten Heels, Sentimental and Devoted (from top to bottom). If you’re judging me for buying two red liquid lipsticks, at least you can see that Devoted is way more of a pinky red than Kitten Heels!

So there’s part one of my Black Friday haul! Tune in on Thursday to see what I got in part two, if everything shows up in time…




7 thoughts on “Black Friday haul, part 1

  1. Those lip products look amazing!!! I was thinking of picking up one of the balm’s liquid lipsticks but wasn’t sure since I hadn’t seen any in depth reviews about them! Now I kind of want to try them especially because I love reds and mauves:) Also that palette <3 gorgeous!


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