Good news!

I took my Mac to the Apple store today and they were able to fix it and give it back, so I am back in the world of computers and ready to write up some good posts! Incidentally, I did some serious damage during the VIB sale at Sephora, as well as grab a few goodies from Ulta and elsewhere, so expect a huge birthday haul post on Thursday.

I’m going to try and catch up with the posts that I missed and schedule as many posts as I can, so bear with me while I get myself figured out. Along with that, I’ve been thinking that for now, it might be best if I only do two posts a week, since I work more now and it’s cutting into the time I have to dedicate for the blog. Once I’m back on a more regular schedule, I’ll be writing three times a week again.

Lastly, I’ve been collecting goodies here and there for my giveaway, which I’ve decided I want to hold when I reach 200 followers. I’m currently at 147, so hopefully I’ll hit 200 before I leave the country for six weeks and definitely can’t mail any prizes! What do you guys think, should I make an interest post for the giveaway to gauge how many people want to enter it and if I should hold it sooner rather than later?



4 thoughts on “Good news!

    • It definitely will be, there’s no way I could keep you guys out of it!! I think I’m gonna do it when I hit 200 but I’ll make an interest post for people to reblog and spread the word and hopefully that’ll get me there quicker!


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