Face mask mini reviews*

Hi friends! For today’s post, I wanted to do a quick review and comparison of sorts for two masks I received in exchange of an honest review. I’ve tried them both twice to make sure that I could actually form a well-rounded opinion before making this post, and here I am now!


The masks I’ll be talking about today are the WhiteDerm Resurface Enzyme Fading Mask and the Azteca Gold Healing Clay mask. I received both of these for free through the website Tomoson, in case anyone was wondering!


First up, we’ll talk about the WhiteDerm mask. This mask claims to “remove blackheads and whiteheads naturally, unclog, minimize and reduce pores for a more even skin, and peel away pigmentation problems, like dark spots, melasma, freckles and blemishes.” I’ve used this mask three times now and I feel like it does live up to its claim pretty well!

The first thing that struck me was that it smells pretty good and I wasn’t expecting that at all. It’s not supposed to be a peel-off mask, but when I used it the first time, I was able to peel everything off quickly and with little residue, rather than having to wash it off. And considering that my biggest issue is blackheads and oily skin, I think this mask worked very well with my skin and I noticed it feeling refreshed and soft after using it!


And now for our second contender, the Azteca Gold Healing Clay mask. I had high hopes for this mask as I’ve tried a few different clay masks before and liked them, but unfortunately, this was a big disappointment. The mask itself isn’t bad — you mix the powder with some water, let it sit for 10 minutes, then apply all over. It dries and leaves your face feeling tight and starts to crumble, which can be kind of messy if you’re not careful, but honestly, I don’t even care about that.

My issue was that as soon as I removed the mask, my face got noticeably and uncomfortably hot! I ended up going to bed with an ice pack to cool my face down and was honestly expecting to have my face break out in hives or something in the morning, but thankfully, my skin was alright. So I figured I’d give it another shot and I tried it again earlier this week, and the same thing happened again — even worse, I woke up the next morning which a terrible headache that I think was set off by using the mask and my face getting hot.

So needless to say, this mask did not agree with my skin! I don’t know what it was about it and I’m going to see if any of my friends wanna try it and if it goes any better for them.

That’s all I got for you today! Thanks for reading!



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