stila ‘in the light’ eyeshadow palette review

Hi my loves! As you might recall seeing in my acquisitions post the other day, I got this beautiful stila palette through a friend who sold it to me gently used. I’ve bought stuff from her before, so who was I to say no to this beautiful palette for a greatly reduced price?

Someone asked for a review the other day, and after using it pretty consistently this week, I felt ready to write it up. Bear with me here, because this is my first proper review in ages (and my first time reviewing an eyeshadow palette) but let’s see how I do!


This palette comes with ten beautiful shades in varying neutral tones (with some darker grey and blue tones in there as well). I’m not going to bore you going through every single color but I will break them down a bit more and include swatches!

Out of the ten shadows, there are four matte shadows: bare, bliss, sandstone and ebony. There are three shimmer shadows (kitten, sunset and bubbly) and three metallic shadows (gilded gold, luster, and night sky). I can tell you already that kitten has become my new favorite eyeshadow and I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life, with bubbly as a close second.


From left to right: sandstone, sunset, bliss, kitten and bare. Like you guys can see, kitten is an absolutely beautiful cream shimmer and it’s so pigmented! The shimmer shades in this palette are definitely the most pigmented, but that’s not to say that the matte or metallic shades are lacking in pigmentation either.


From left to right: ebony, night sky, luster, gilded gold and bubbly. Like I said earlier, bubbly is another of my favorite shades. It’s an absolutely beautiful gold shimmer and it is SO PIGMENTED! I’m obsessed with this shade. Once it’s swatched, gilded gold is a lot more coppery than it looks in the palette, where it’s more brown. The matte shades were a bit harder to swatch and bare, the lightest shade in the palette, took at least three coats to even show up in the picture, but that’s to be expected from such a light color.

Overall, the palette is absolutely beautiful and it was such a good investment! I’m really happy with it and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite palettes.

What do you guys think? Have you ever used this palette before? Does this make you want to get it? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “stila ‘in the light’ eyeshadow palette review

  1. This is such a fantastic neutral palette! Too bad Stila discontinued it. I saw this at Winnters (TJMaxx) for $20 but I passed on it because I already own so many shimmery neutrals – I really had my eye on the In the Know palette which is all mattes. I can imagine this palette to suit most skin tones. Great swatches – look at the pigmentation on those!

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