Guest blogger week, day 6: Molly’s dupe for Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel

Hi Everybody, I’m Molly from The Rose Beauty Files and I’m so pleased that Valentina asked me to be a guest blogger for her today! I know summer is coming to a close, but I thought it would be a perfect time to discus a product that will help prolong that gorgeous golden glow that you’ve acquired over the last few months!

I’m sure most of you have heard of the infamous Soleil Tan De Chanel, however at £32, it is not a bargain beauty product! I was completely hooked when I tried it though but couldn’t justify that price for a bronzer, so off I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative! I am pleased to say, I think I have found it!! The Bourjois Bronzing primer is effectively the same product only a little smaller but a lot cheaper in price!


Price – At only £9.99 this product is a lot cheaper than Chanel’s offering, Boots also always have offers on so keep an eye out for those! You get 18g in the Bourjois product and 30ml in Chanel’s so I do feel like you get more with Chanel, however you have to use so little each time that either tub would last you a very long time!

Packaging – There is no doubt that Chanel’s packing is the nicer of the two. It is chunky and sophisticated and screams high-end. However, it is a huge pot and therefore not very travel friendly, whereas Bourjois’s is a lot smaller but also looks a lot cheaper.

Product – I was seriously impressed with both products, they look very orange in the pots but this does not transfer to the skin and even manages to blend seamlessly into my pale skin! The Bourjois primer is slightly more mousse like than Chanel’s however it works exactly the same and feels very light on the skin.

How To Apply – You can apply both products in the same way, and you will need quite a dense buffing brush or kabuki brush to get the best effect. You can either apply this as a primer and then apply your foundation on top to give a subtle glow, or you can buff it on top of your foundation for a lovely bronzed look. This is my favourite way to apply it and I find that is has good lasting power when applied this way.


Verdict – I think this is a fantastic dupe for the Soleil Tan De Chanel and I have been really impressed with the quality of the product. I am a high-end makeup lover but £32 for a bronzer was too much for me so I am really glad that I picked this up instead. As an added bonus, it has Bourjois’s typical chocolatey scent to it too which is just divine!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my guest post! Please pop over to my blog and say hi, or I am on Twitter or Bloglovin’ if you want to follow me on either of those! Thanks again to Valentina for having me!


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