Guest blogger week, day 5: Savannah’s Lancome secrets

Hello there, Valentina’s followers!! I’m Savannah, Valentina’s “Beauty Bestie”! I’m a beauty obsessed twenty-something and I run the blog Beauty Bunny! Feel free to check it out and get to know me!

I’ve been working in the beauty industry for a little while now. In that time, I’ve worked for two amazing and HUGE cosmetics brands and have had the opportunity to be taught by their instructors, makeup experts, and national makeup artists.

Lancome spends a lot of money on their education process, it has continued to be an amazing experience where they send all of their beauty advisors to classes very frequently so that we can stay updated on our skills!

I decided to share with you guys the best advice that I’ve ever gotten which is that you DON’T need a heavy foundation to get a perfect look!

You can call it “no makeup” makeup or a “model off duty” type of look but I think we can all agree, fresh faces are in. I personally feel like when I wear a heavy foundation my skin looks worse than when I have nothing on!

So here are tips on how to keep your skin lookin’ fresh but still perfect!


Your first priority should be your skin! Taking care of your skin should be something you enjoy! It’s totally fine to treat yourself with masks and luxurious products because the better your skin looks without makeup, the better it will look WITH makeup!

unnamed (7)

Next, there is totally a right way and a wrong way to apply your foundation! The key to keeping your skin looking naturally perfect is to only apply foundation where you need the coverage! I personally just apply my foundation near my nose, on my cheeks and on my forehead. This covers the imperfections that need to be covered! I used to wear my foundation like a “mask” by putting it on areas that didn’t necessarily need to be covered and doing this is what makes foundation look and feel too heavy.

unnamed (1)

At this point, you can totally spot conceal any areas that need a little more coverage, or if you’re like me, cover up those dark circles! I like to use my beauty blender or a normal concealer brush just to make sure the concealer is set well.

unnamed (2)

Now, here’s where things get important! If you feel that you don’t have enough coverage, use a powder! I love using a flat topped powder brush and patting the powder onto the areas where I’ve put my foundation and concealer! Then I take a big fluffy brush and sweep the powder all over my face! Now everything looks nice and even and perfectly natural! Totally your skin, but better!

These are the practices that Lancome’s makeup artists use on our gorgeous models and celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Winslet!

Whether you decide to wear a full face of makeup or none at all, Lancome’s stance on beauty is that everyone is beautiful in their own natural way, and I, frankly, am so proud to represent a company that believes that. :)


7 thoughts on “Guest blogger week, day 5: Savannah’s Lancome secrets

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  2. Great post!! I really want to try out those concealers! I love that Clinique lotion as well! It’s amazing! Also, is that a face mask from Lush? I really want to try out some of their face masks so I think I may have to try that one out! lol :)


  3. I love that Revlon Photoready concealer – I received it free as a gift attached to the corresponding foundation – it was quite a pleasant surprise, very natural looking.
    Great tips – I wish I could take a training course with Lancome!


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