Guest blogger week, day 2: Stashie’s lesson, No-Buy 101

I’m a self-proclaimed beauty junkie who has embarked on a year-long No-Buy on makeup and skincare.  My blog, stashmatters, focuses on showcasing my current makeup stash with reviews and swatches of my collection.  My favourite makeup items are eye shadow, nail polish and blush.  I live in Toronto, Canada.
So you want to embark on a No-Buy?  Don’t know where to start?  I’m currently on a makeup / skincare No-Buy for the entire year of 2015, approaching the last 4 months of my goal.  Here’s a handy guide for all the makeup addicts who may realize that they may have a problem.
First, are sure you really need to go on a No-Buy?  Take this short quiz:
1) Do you own more than 5 foundations?
2) Do you keep buying the same lipstick shade over and over again and now you own 14 MLBB shades?
3) Did you achieve Sephora VIB Rouge in ONE shopping trip?
4) Is your eye shadow collection various shades of taupe that look the same to the naked eye?
5) Have family members considered contacting either Hoarders or Intervention about your makeup collection?
6) Have you subsisted on ramen for weeks so you can afford the newest makeup launches?
7) Are you contemplating moving into a larger place in order to house your collection?

I have over 600 eye shadows, most of them are taupes.

If you answered Yes to any of the above, you need to go on a No-Buy, pronto. ;)
Goal setting
What do you hope to achieve?
For me, it was a combination of trying to use up some of my existing products (especially skincare) and also rationalize my current stash (ie keep or purge?)
I need to purge probably 50% of my foundations.

I need to purge probably 50% of my foundations.

Other goals could be: to save money, declutter, sell some makeup etc.
• Set a time frame. Will this be a month? 6 months? A year?  Be realistic with what you think you can achieve – I tried to go on a No-Buy last year and I only lasted 2 months.
• What are the parameters? Is there absolutely NO buying of anything at all for the duration of the No-Buy? Maybe you want to do a No-Buy Lite (aka Low Buy) and only allow yourself a set dollar amount per month on cosmetics. Or you allow yourself the leeway to replenish on “necessities” like skincare and mascara (I put that in quotations because we makeup addicts tend to claim things are necessities that are not! :P ). You may want to allow yourself a birthday haul.
My birthday gifts and haulin'

My birthday gifts and haulin’

How to stay on track
• Unsubscribe from promotional emails: it’s their goal to get you spend your money! There are always new collections launching, there are constant sales – it’s all very tempting so it’s better not to see the emails at all (you can always resubscribe after your No-Buy is over)
• Take an inventory: use whatever tool you want: a pen and paper, an Excel spreadsheet – note down all of the makeup items you own! It’s a daunting task but very satisfying to do, and it will help you with the next activity…
• Shop your stash: when your collection is so large that you need keep an Excel spreadsheet, it’s highly likely that there are lots of forgotten gems hidden away. It’s helpful – and fun – to create little “makeup menus” of full looks from makeup items from your collection and switch them up on a weekly basis.
Here's a look I wore the other day - I hadn't worn these items in months.

Here’s a look I wore the other day – I hadn’t worn these items in months.

• Create a wish list: noting down items you want to buy after the No-Buy is over will be helpful for you to keep track so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Also, sometimes when I write down all the things I want, I realize a lot of the items are repetitive (like do I really need 4 new highlighters?) and I can narrow down to the ones I REALLY, truly want.
• Acknowledge milestones: “Empties” or “Project Pan” are two fantastic ways to mark progress of a No-Buy. As well, I like to specifically post significant milestone badges on my blog:
I reached 200 days of No-Buy last month!​

I reached 200 days of No-Buy last month!​

• Surround yourself with a support network: it could be your family, your real life friends, online community – tell everyone who cares that you’re on a No-Buy so that they can keep you honest
Reward yourself
At the conclusion of your No-Buy, it’s time to celebrate! Of course, for me, the point isn’t to go out and buy two years’ worth of makeup as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, 2016, but I will allow myself to buy some of the items that have been lingering on my wish list. Also, I may reward myself with a makeover at MAC or a fancy spa day. :)  If you’re on a No-Buy or thinking about going on one – good luck to you!

20 thoughts on “Guest blogger week, day 2: Stashie’s lesson, No-Buy 101

  1. Such a helpful post! I could definitely use all these tips! I always end up buying the same lipstick shade over and over… the same goes for blushes and eyeshadow shades, too! Definitely need to use up what I have before buying more! lol

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  2. Practical advise from a smart-ass. Whoda thunk it! Haha! Ok so I def think a spa day would be well deserved after a year of no buys! Have you done a project pan on your blog?? I’ve always thought panning projects were stupid cause you are forcing yourself to use one thing when you could be playing with something else that you love but I never thought of it from the perspective of keeping yourself on track for a no buy… in that case… I should probably try a panning project with skincare… does that count!?

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