The Importance of Solidarity In Feminism

I’m really proud of my latest article for SDWSW and I’d love for you guys to tell me what you think!


swimlessonsmint Artwork by Kristen Barnhart

By Valentina Boré

I admit that, in my 23 years of life, I have gotten jealous of other girls and said bitchy things about them. I’d be willing to bet most girls out there have — haven’t you? It’s sad that we do it but it’s something that we don’t always realize we’re doing. But why do we do it in the first place?

Our society is a society that puts us against each other and teaches us to take other women down instead of lifting each other up. Now, this doesn’t mean that all women live in a Mean Girls type universe where all we ever do is fight, pull each other’s hair and steal each other’s boyfriends. Nor does it mean we act like animals in the wilderness, a la Cady’s imagined scenario.

It does mean, however, that more often than not, women resort…

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