Guest blogger week: September 1st through 7th

Hi friends! As you may or may not know, on Wednesday of this week, I’ll be off to Canada for six days! I’ll be going to Montréal to visit some of my bestest friends, and I’m really very excited. Since I’ll be too busy gallivanting in the Great White North (okay, it’s September, but still), I figured I would ask some of my favorite bloggers to help me keep my blog active for the next week while I’m traveling. And thus, here we have my first ever guest blogger week, featuring some amazing ladies who I’m so excited to have contributing to my blog!

I know I’ve been really bad at keeping up with my blog the last few weeks, between moving and my last semester in college starting, but I promise that I’ll be figuring out my schedule when I’m back from Canada and my life is (hopefully) a bit more calm.

So without further ado, here’s the line up for the week. I hope you guys enjoy what these lovely ladies have for you!

Thank you to these amazing bloggers for agreeing to contribute to my blog, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the amazing posts they’ve written! Check out their blogs and give them a follow. :)



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