Dear Nick Jonas

I wrote a thing about a certain song by a certain JoBro and you should check it out.


By Valentina Boré

You were always my favorite JoBro, back in the days when all I cared about was your band. I always thought you were the cutest, the most talented, and the nicest one. I was so excited when you first started releasing solo stuff in 2009, and Who I Am was one of my favorite songs.

Six years later, and now you give me Jealous. Seriously, man? You let me down.

You’re still talented, and your songs are still good. You’re still cute (though I’m considerably less interested in men now than I was six years ago), but Jealous is a terrible, terrible message to send to people.

No, Nick Jonas, it is not your right to get “hellish.”

I think jealousy is a normal thing to happen in relationships, to a certain extent. I don’t know that I would say it’s healthy, but I do think that…

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