Mid Year Resolutions


By Valentina Boré

Before you say anything: I know it’s way past the middle of the year, but life just keeps happening and it doesn’t stop. When I was thinking about writing this post, it was May, but suddenly it’s almost August and I’m just now getting around to it. Oops?

I told myself back in May that I would set midyear resolutions for myself. Everyone has New Year’s resolutions that they keep up with during January, half-ass during February, and forget about by the time March rolls around. I usually don’t even get to making these resolutions, because I’m horrendously bad about following through with things, but after everything that happened in May/June/July, I’m done with waiting around for things to happen to me.

I want to make a change for myself. To start, I’m going to set resolutions that aren’t completely unattainable and that I could actually follow…

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