Fitness challenge with Savannah: week two update

Hi guys! How’s everyone doing? I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekends and are ready to go back to work, school, or whatever it is you have on Monday!

I’m here with another update on my fitness challenge with Savannah. But first, I’d like to apologize for the lack of activity on my blog the last few weeks. I’ve had a lot going on with work, my internships, and my personal life, and that has meant a lot of slacking on the blog front lately. I’m moving into a new apartment next week but hopefully once that’s done, I’ll be able to have three or four posts up every week, instead of just one or two!

That being said, my busy week also affected the fitness challenge as well, so I ended up leaving my work outs until the very last minute, and then I ended up getting sick. Go figure. I had a really bad sore throat the last couple of days but it looks like I’m finally starting to get better, and this coming week, I’m going to make sure to schedule a time to go to the gym so I don’t leave everything until the very last minute again.

Thankfully, my job is very physically active, so between that and being careful about what I eat and using MyFitnessPal to keep track of everything, I didn’t do too bad this week, which makes up for missing my workouts a little bit, right?

That’ll be all from me today, hopefully I’ll have a beauty-related post or two coming your way this week!



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