The Story of How I Met Ed Sheeran

I was lucky enough to meet Ed Sheeran a few months back and here’s the story!


11120544_10153218606820734_7036690502820248659_nBy Valentina Boré

A couple of months ago, I got the amazing and incredibly opportunity to meet Ed Sheeran. Sometimes I still think back on this day and can hardly believe it happened, but I have the selfie to prove it! Let me tell you more about this magical day.

Last semester, I worked for one of the school publications as a digital producer, which basically meant taking the work one of my classes produced and editing and uploading it to the site. One of my classmates was always super enthusiastic about pitching stories and she told me she’d written a story about the Chegg contest that UCF won to bring Ed Sheeran on campus. I jokingly told said how great it would be if we could actually attend the event and cover it for the site, obviously not expecting anything to come of it, and she said she actually…

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