My last haul for a while: face masks, setting sprays and more

I’m sure you follow a person or two who are resolved to not spend any money on makeup or skincare products for a month (or a year, if you’re Stash). I know at least a few! So with that (and the amount of money I’ve spent on makeup lately) in mind, I decided I would do a No Spend July in order to save up and use up the products I have already. I started it a little early because money has been tight lately, so as of the other week, I am on a no spending spree!

IMG_0004 1I was super excited to get some of this stuff in the mail so I rushed home so I could write up this post! There’s nothing better than sitting down to write haul posts, right?

IMG_0005If you remember, my friend Erika and I tried out Que Bella Beauty face masks that we got at Target the other night. I really liked the one I got, so I went back and got a few more! The ones I got were:

  • Replenishing deep sea mud mask.
  • Deep cleaning aloe vera cream mask.
  • Clarifying cucumber peel-off mask.
  • Refreshing pomegranate peel-off mask.
  • Purifying tea tree & witch hazel mud mask.

According to their website, they also have a skin brightening papaya peel off mask, but my Target didn’t have it when I was there. I might have to break my spending ban if I see it at any Target! Considering these are two dollars each, I think it can be excused.


Almost any beauty fanatic has heard of Ben Nye’s banana powder. I saw a video that claimed it was good for setting under eye concealer, something I have a lot of trouble with, so I was instantly curious and I wanted to try it out. I had also heard from a few different people about the LiquiSet, but ended up going with Final Seal instead (which does exactly what it sounds like). Ben Nye has a lot of makeup that professional makeup artists and makeup artists on movies use so I hope it lives up to its reputation!

IMG_0007 1

Lastly, I got these two babies from NYX: a dewy finish setting spray and a matte finish setting spray. I was originally only going to get one of them, but I love both dewy and matte finishes and I couldn’t pick which, so I got a good deal on amazon for both.

And now, let the month and a half (ish) of no spending commence. :(

Have you ever tried to go a certain amount of time without spending money? Any tricks or tips? And don’t forget to follow me on instagram and twitter!



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