What’s in my bag? A collab with Savannah from Beauty Bunny

If you don’t know already, one of my favorite people (and official blog bestie as of the other night!) is Savannah from Beauty Bunny. After Lucie and I did our collab the other week, I asked Savannah if she wanted to do one as well and we decided, after hours of brainstorm (jk!) that we would do a post about what’s in our bags. Click here to read her post about this!

IMG_0008Let’s start with the bag. I don’t know what brand it is, but I got it at Marshall’s (maybe?) after Christmas, because my parents and my older brother got me really two really similar black bags, so I exchanged one and a dress I got that didn’t fit me and got this purse and a brown one instead. I absolutely love it! I’ve been carrying it for a few months and I’d usually be tired now but I haven’t wanted to switch it out yet.


In this picture, we have:

  • My sunglasses! They’re my precious babies and I take more care of them than anything else. If I’m not wearing them, they’re in that case!
  • My wallet, which I got at Kohl’s a few years ago. It’s super cute but you can tell it’s starting to wear, so it might be time to get a new one.
  • Figs & Rouge Mango & Mandarin hand cream. I got this in my ipsy a while back, and it’s my go-to. It lives in my purse and I love it because it’s moisturizing and so light, but I’m also almost out.
  • Pens, because what kind of journalist doesn’t carry those around? I usually have two or three in here.
  • My press pass for my internship at Watermark. They got my last name wrong (it’s Boré, Fellay is my second last name but I don’t go by both) but it’s okay, because it still makes me feel super cool.
  • Magic Band! Because I’m a Disney passholder, and if I don’t have my Magic Band in my purse, how can I have impromptu Disney trips?
  • A hair bow, because that’s obviously a necessity. Also, I may have forgotten to take it out last time I wore it.


And in this one, we have:

  • An iPhone charger that works about 50% of the time, but it’s my backup so it stays in my purse.
  • Notebooks! The one under the charger is the one I use for my internships, to take notes during interviews, etc. The Gryffindor one I usually have with me at work in case I think of anything I need to write down, and the polka dot one is where I write all my to-do lists. The black and white one underneath is actually my planner, and this also goes everywhere with me.
  • A polka dot mirror from Forever 21, in case my phone isn’t handy to check my lipstick or my makeup.
  • A Contigo bottle that I got at Target for 12 dollars, because hydration is important, especially when you live in Florida and work in theme parks.

Untitled 2

I’m sure you’re all surprised that there weren’t any lip products in here. I’m actually really good about taking them out of my purse and putting them away, because I’d hate to misplace any! I do have one that you can see in the image above: that green holder that says MAST on it is a chapstick holder where I carry my (usually) Burt’s Bees in. It goes on my Gryffindor lanyard that I use for my car keys, so there’s no chance I’ll forget it at home. Also on my lanyard are my Universal ID and the wristband I got when I saw One Direction in November.

Head over to Savannah’s blog to check out her post about it, and don’t forget to follow her! She’s awesome and I love her and you will to. Let me know what you guys think, or if you’d be interested in doing a collab! And as always, follow me on instagram and twitter! Thanks for reading!!



4 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? A collab with Savannah from Beauty Bunny

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  2. I have those Rayban too! Yeah I worry I’ll wreck them all the time.
    You’re a Disney passholder? Wow how fun!
    I love how colourful everything is – I have a rule that I don’t buy black wallets because a brighter colour is much easier to locate in my purse!


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