Friday night adventures: Target and face masks

The other day, I was settled in for the night, watching the Chile vs. Bolivia match when my friend Erika texted me saying she wanted to go to Ulta and buy lipstick and well, who am I to say no to that, right? Except Ulta was closing in 30 minutes, so we went to Target instead. I made her drive so I could leave my wallet at home and not risk spending money, and into Target we went!

We looked at makeup and lipstick, of course, and as usual, I swatched two or three different lipsticks on my arm as I tend to. Erika ended up buying two Maybelline lipstick (Untainted Spice and Touch of Spice) and some makeup removing wipes, and right before we were about to leave, we stumbled upon these cute little packages and decided to have an impromptu pampering night.

IMG_0001Erika got the tea tree and witch hazel mud mask, and I got the lavender aromatherapy mask. We slabbed it all on and debated whether we wanted to get sushi, go to McDonalds with masks on, or just stay at home and wait until we’d taken them off. We almost went out but we ended up just staying at home and talking about our coworkers while waiting to take off the masks.


Erika takes all the attention away from me, which is why my camera focused on her and not me. :( The masks felt really nice going on and I really really liked the smell of mine (the lavender one). I didn’t sniff Erika’s face unfortunately, but I’m sure hers smelled just as good!

IMG_0003 1And here we are with our fresh faces! After ten minutes or so, my face had gotten tingly and a little like it was on the verge of burning, but it never got past that so I didn’t take it off early or anything. Once I did, my skin felt really dry but it definitely felt clean, so once I had moisturized, my face felt great! The masks we got were only two dollars for a one time use pouch and an easy way to have a girls’ night with cliche face masks. Que Bella Beauty has a lot of other masks that I think we’re definitely going to try later on!

Have you ever heard or tried Que Bella face masks? Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram and twitter.



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