Lipstick Addicts Anonymous, a collab with Lucie

It’s become a running joke between Lucie and I that we are lipstick addicts, and we are not ashamed of it! I think at this point, Lucie expects me to comment on any post she makes about lipstick (especially when she gets new MAC lipstick) to discuss it further. So when we originally talked about doing a collab, we knew it had to be something about lipstick!

Not wanting to do something like a top five, since Lucie just did one with Ana, we decided to do this instead.

What is this, you ask? We divided our lipstick into five categories (reds, purples, corals, pinks and nudes) and picked our favorites from each!

Let me tell you, this was probably the hardest decision I’ve had to make and it felt like picking between my children or something equally ridiculous. But I powered through it and voila, here are my five choices!


You guys don’t want to know how long it took to get this picture.

  • Reds: This one was arguably the hardest one to choose, but I had to go with what was probably my first good red lipstick. This is Sephora Rouge in Hot Tango, and I bought it way back in 2011 at the Sephora in CityPlace (West Palm, what up). It’s amazing quality, stays really well, and it’s soooo soft and smooth when it goes on, I just love it! Plus the color really suits me. I feel like I don’t hear a lot of people talk about Sephora makeup but this lipstick is totally underrated and one of my faves.
  • Purples: You’ve probably already seen me talk about this one, but I just love it so! This is Little Mix by Collection in Perrie, a beautiful slightly pastel-ish light purple that goes on so smoothly and stays forever. For how cheap this was (£2.99, or $4.75), it’s a great purchase and I never regret it. Mind you, I picked this over MAC’s Heroine, if that tells you how much I love it.
  • Corals: This was pretty much a no-brainer, because I don’t have a lot of corals (only three or four) and it’s the best one of them all. This is bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Light It Up, and I’m obsessed. The color is so bright and beautiful, absolutely perfect for summer (but to be honest, I wear this whenever I want, even in the fall), and the pigmentation is perfect, and it doesn’t feel drying at all! I can’t rave about this enough. The best part is I got it with ipsy points, so I didn’t even pay for it!
  • Pinks: This was also a no-brainer, because I absolutely love this lipstick and I would wear it every day if I could. This is MAC’s Impassioned, a bright pink which is totally up my alley! The last time I wore this, it stayed all day without budging even when I ate or drank. I barely needed to touch it up at all, which is saying a lot when I compulsively touch up my lipstick every other day! 10/10, would recomment.
  • Nudes: Last but not least, my holy grail nude lipstick. I totally have Lucie to thank for this one and even if it was a total impulse buy, I don’t regret it at all! This is MAC’s Velvet Teddy, and it’s a perfect color, a nude that suits my lips beautifully in a matte finish that isn’t drying but stays all day. Sometimes I have trouble not wearing it every day!

From top to bottom: Hot Tango, Perrie, Light It Up, Impassioned and Velvet Teddy.

So that was it for today! I hope you guys liked hearing about some of my favorite lipsticks. I’m planning a lipstick stash post at one point sooner or later, but it’ll have to be broken down in six or seven parts, so it’ll be a while. Don’t forget to head over to Lucie’s blog and read her post!

Doing a collab with Lucie was so fun, I loved chatting about what we could do it on and all our brainstorming sessions! If you don’t follow this girl already, you absolutely need to — she was one of the first people I followed on here, and she’s just so sweet and nice to everyone! And if anyone would like to do a collab, just let me know, I’m always down for more!

What are your favorite lipsticks in these colors? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram and twitter.



19 thoughts on “Lipstick Addicts Anonymous, a collab with Lucie

  1. I have impassioned! ! It was one of my first mac lippies purchases & I have to agree with you this beauty stays on😊 loved your choices too I need to check out velvet teddy & that bare minerals lipstick☺


  2. Gorgeous choices & what a fab collab idea!!!! :D LOVE the Velvet Teddy colour – it really is so beautiful, it’s been on my wishlist for agessss!! Need to treat myself very soon :) X


  3. it would be wayyyy to hard for me to narrow my favorites down! maybe I could do it with sub categories like red liquid lipstick, regular lipstick, ligloss, lip pencil. ahaha I have too many favorites! but I loved yours!! Xx


  4. I was totally at CityPlace like 2 weeks ago to see some stand up! Which isn’t really an interesting comment, I guess. Actual lipstick comment: I really need to explore more into coral and nude lipsticks! I own so many lipsticks and I don’t think I have any coral or nude ones that I actually like, oops.


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