City Color City Chic lip liners: swatches and mini-review

Hello all! Quick post for you today since I figured I should do something useful with my day off.

Because I have absolutely no self-control, the other day when I was on amazon, I ended up spending 35 dollars on some Real Technique brushes that were on my wish list. And because I only had to spend another ten dollars for free shipping (which was ten dollars either way), I bought a 12-pack of City Color lip liners since I figured I’d rather spend ten dollars and get a product for it than just to pay for shipping.

I got them the other day and I was really excited to try them out since I don’t have a lot of lip liners but I’ve been meaning to start using them more and this was a good way to start!

Since I got them, I’ve been trying to use them when I wear lipstick and I can honestly tell the difference. I wore one with MAC’s Impassioned the other day and it literally did not budge all day, even though I was out running errands pretty much the whole day!


I can’t remember which color was which because I was stupid and I moved them before I could write down their names so here have swatches of some pretty lipliners that I don’t remember the colors of. For what it’s worth, they’re really nice and I’ve already used at least four of them with lipstick and I really really like them!

Getting these also made me realize how badly I need a sharpener for this stuff. Oy.

Do you ever use lipliner? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram and twitter.



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