Makeup and skincare wishlist

Much like everyone else I’m sure, being on here has made me add so many different products to my wish list! Every time I read someone’s post about their new hauls, I add a couple of things to my wish list. As it is, here’s what’s currently on it.

  • MAC lipstick! Currently on my list are Vegas Volt, Please Me, Candy Yum-Yum, Chatterbox, Flamingo, Girl About Town, 5 Alarm, Sophisto, Sweetie, Men Love Mystery, Tropic Tonic, D for Danger, Studded Kiss, Russian Red, Silly, Pink Pigeon, Pink Plaid, Flat Out Fabulous, All Fired Up, and Rebel. I know this is a lot (21 lipsticks, sheesh) but I probably will swatch some and not want them or find them too similar to something else I have, so if anything, this is like a list of lipsticks to look at eventually.
  • Too Faced melted lipstick in melon and fig. I could probably buy five more of these if I just looked at them long enough, I’m sure.
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy, which I saw in a video by Vivianna and it looks SO NICE. I really wanna try this for myself now.
  • Alba Botanica Pore Purifying Mini Peel, thanks to Savannah over at Beauty Bunny! She made a post about it the other day and I’ve been dying to try it since. I almost bought it at Walgreens but I got some other goodies instead, so it’s on my wish list for now!
  • Micellar water, which I found out about thanks to Ana over at Ravishing Roses! It seems everyone now is talking about this, but I distinctly remember hearing about it from her first because I’d never heard of it before and it definitely intrigued me!
  • Essie nail polish in any pastel colors, but especially blue and mint green. I don’t know why I’m suddenly super into pastels, but it’s all I want to wear lately! Unfortunately, I can’t wear nail polish at work that isn’t neutral and goes with my skin tone, but I definitely want to invest in more pastels!
  • Real Techniques brushes, simply because you can never have too many brushes! I just invested in some really cute BH Cosmetics travel brush sets (I got thisthis and this) but I really want the core collection from Real Techniques and the stippling brush as well.
  • Last but not least, Evian facial spray! I read this in a post (I can’t remember where) and now I’m super intrigued to try it and see how I like it!

I could probably go on for ages, but I think this is a good idea of what I want right now. Any ideas or suggestions? What’s on your wish list?


5 thoughts on “Makeup and skincare wishlist

      • Hahahah oh gosh I know what it feels like to spend too much money. Deffo let me know your thoughts when you get round to trying it though!xx


  1. I’ve got the RT core collection, it’s so good! The buffing brush is my favourite and can’t live without it now. The stippling brush is another favourite of mine. Let me know if you do pick up Vegas Volt as that’s next on my wish list! xo


    • If I do it probably won’t be for a while but I promise I’ll let you know!! I really can’t afford to spend any more money on lipstick of all things haha. I caved and bought the core collection and the stippling brush the other night though, I should be getting it soon so expect to see a post about it :)


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