Find of the week: Naked3 palette dupe

Hi guys!! I am so terribly sorry that it’s been so long since my last post. Between internships, my classes and work, I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks, and to top it off, I had to go home for a week for my sister’s high school graduation, birthday, and my little brother’s middle school graduation. With all six of us home, plus my grandparents, there hasn’t been much time to blog about anything! Hopefully once I get back to Orlando, I can work on establishing a schedule and improving my blog more.

But anyway! Let’s talk about what you’re all actually here for: what is this about a Naked3 dupe I found? While I was shopping for my sister’s birthday present, I went into Hot Topic to see if I could find any potential presents and ended up stumbling upon this beautiful palette, L.A Girl Beauty Brick Nudes.


The first thing I could think of when I picked it up was how much it reminded me of my own Naked3, sitting at home in my makeup bag. Once I swatched them, I couldn’t help but add it to the presents for my sister, since she insists on wearing the same eyeshadow every day, and well, isn’t it my duty as older sister to educate her?


I know my Naked3 looks all sad and beat up… let’s just not talk about it.


If you look at these two side by side, it’s pretty easy to see how similar the shades are! They’re in slightly different order than Naked3, but it’s still undeniably close. I swatched them all today and used some of them to do my sister’s makeup, and I’m happy to report that they are beautifully pigmented and seem very good quality.

Shades one through six.

Shades one through six (from right to left).

Shades seven through twelve.

Shades seven through twelve (from right to left).

Now here’s the best part: the price. At $9, these are a sixth of the price you’d pay for Naked3. So as much as I love Naked3 and will cherish it till my death, if you aren’t quite sure you want to spend $54 on it, Beauty Brick is a great alternative for a much cheaper price, and it’s very good quality for the price you’re paying!

What do you guys think? Which Naked do you own, if any? Or do you have any other Naked dupes you’d recommend?


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