Things I’ve Learned About People While Working In Theme Parks

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By Valentina Boré

Three years ago, I packed up my bags and moved to Orlando to work at the happiest place on earth, and since then, I have almost constantly worked in the hospitality industry. I love my job as an attractions attendant at Universal, but working in two of the biggest theme parks in the world has taught me a lot about people.

  1. People suck: Working in jobs with so much guest interaction has taught me that a lot of people suck, and for no reason whatsoever. There are people who think they’re entitled to everything, people who are rude to everyone over the smallest things, people who will trick and cheat everyone to have everything done to their convenience.
  2. People are amazing: Quite contradictory to what I said above, I know. In the last three years, I have had a lot of experiences with horrible people…

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