Blog writing, take 1005

Every year I make the resolution to blog. Every year I say I’m going to actually run a blog that I’ll update more than just every six months, that I’ll become a blogger and share my words and feelings and experiences with people on the internet. This has been happening since I was in high school, and I’m now a senior in college.

So maybe this time it’ll stick, right?

2014 was a good year for me. I got into the major I wanted, I started dating someone amazing, I moved in with my best friend. I was happy in 2014, and then 2015 happened and things slowly started to crash and burn around me.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. It still isn’t. School is great, I’m graduating in the fall, I’m moving in with my little sister in August, I have two internships this summer, I love my job and where I work. But after almost a year, I’m single, my best friend and I are no longer best friends, and I just feel sad a lot. So this is my way of trying to see the positive in life, because I’m not good at dealing with sadness. Anger, I can deal with. Happiness, I’m great at. Sadness? Not so much.

So here we go. I realize 2015 is almost halfway through, but I’m choosing this summer to be the start of the rest of my year, where I’ll work hard, spend time with my loved ones, pick up the pieces and move on.

And maybe this blogging thing will stick.


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