Things I’ve Learned About People While Working In Theme Parks

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By Valentina Boré

Three years ago, I packed up my bags and moved to Orlando to work at the happiest place on earth, and since then, I have almost constantly worked in the hospitality industry. I love my job as an attractions attendant at Universal, but working in two of the biggest theme parks in the world has taught me a lot about people.

  1. People suck: Working in jobs with so much guest interaction has taught me that a lot of people suck, and for no reason whatsoever. There are people who think they’re entitled to everything, people who are rude to everyone over the smallest things, people who will trick and cheat everyone to have everything done to their convenience.
  2. People are amazing: Quite contradictory to what I said above, I know. In the last three years, I have had a lot of experiences with horrible people…

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First week of internships: done!

Hi guys!! Sorry I haven’t been posting much this week, I’ve had a busy week as I started two different internships as well as two online classes, and on top of that, I have to work the next three days! My schedule this summer will be pretty crazy but hopefully I can stay on top of anything.

So a few weeks ago, I went shopping for a lot of business clothes that I could wear to my internships and I finally got to start wearing it this week! I thought I’d do a little post about my outfits this week and where I got everything, since I haven’t really done a fashion post yet anyway.

On Monday, I started my internship at Watermark, an LGBT newspaper that services the Central Florida area. I was super excited to get this internship, because it seems like a great team, I love the newspaper, and I care a lot about LGBT+ issues, so I figured it’d be a good way to get to know the community better!


  • Shirt: LOFT outlet.
  • Skirt: Lucie Lu.
  • Purse: Marshall’s.
  • Shoes: Payless.
  • Necklace: Charlotte Russe.

The skirt is from Lucie Lu, but I actually got it through Gwynnie Bee (which is a clothing rental site, but you pay a monthly fee to have items out as long as you want). The shirt is so cute and comfortable, but they don’t have it in any other colors I like, otherwise I would’ve bought another two!

Wednesday was my first day at Insight Magazine, a small community magazine that services the East Orlando area. They said to dress casual but I would rather dress up and wear cute clothes, so I did!


  • Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store.
  • Pants: Old Navy.
  • Shoes: Payless.
  • Purse: Marshall’s.

Let me know what you guys think! And feel free to follow me on instagram or twitter. :)


Mini MAC lipstick haul!

I'm seriously obsessed already. Look how great they look!

I’m seriously obsessed already. Look how great they look!

I will admit I am easily tempted and will give into that temptation and spend too much money on makeup or clothes. All. The. Time.

This week, I was reading a lot of different blogs, and every time red lipstick was mentioned, Ruby Woo from MAC was brought up, raved about, and hailed as the perfect red.

I’m weak, okay? I caved.

I ran to my nearest MAC, walked in five minutes before they closed, and walked out five minutes later and 34 dollars poorer, but with two new lipsticks. I bought Ruby Woo, obviously, and thanks to the lovely Lucie, I bought Velvet Teddy as well.

Aren't they just beautiful?

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Like I said before, Ruby Woo is often hailed as the perfect red, suitable for every skin tone. I’m a sucker for red lipstick, so I was definitely excited to try it, and I definitely really liked it! I didn’t even swatch it before I left the store, I was that excited to try it and sure I would love it. Of course, the first thing I did when I got to my car was try it on and take a picture!

The packaging for MAC lipstick is arguably one of my favorite things.

The packaging for MAC lipstick is arguably one of my favorite things.

So then I tried on Velvet Teddy (which I had swatched in the store, so I was pretty sure I would like it), and it was even better than I expected. Seriously, it felt so nice on my lips and I was definitely in need of more nude/neutral lipstick!

[sighs dreamily]

[sighs dreamily]

I can’t wait to wear these to work next week and I can’t wait to invest in MAC lipstick again! I have to admit, I have to thank my ex-girlfriend for getting me into MAC lipstick. That definitely worked out for the better for me.

How beautiful are these babies?

How beautiful are these babies?

The Power of Red Lipstick


By Valentina Bore

If I had to pick one item that I couldn’t live without, it would most definitely be lipstick, and more specifically, red lipstick. I’ve been an avid lipstick wearer for a while now, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I figured exactly what kind of an effect red lipstick has on me.

I had to cover an event the other week, and I got there early like any good journalist, talked to people who were there, and then settled in to wait for the show to start. Once I sat down, however, it was like I lost all the energy in my system and I suddenly felt not only tired, but really introverted, too. It was like all of a sudden, I couldn’t bear the idea of talking to people.

I knew I was there to do a job, however, and when I was…

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The adventures of a Disney passholder

Disney World and I go way, way back. My first visit to the most magical place on earth happened way back in 1994, when I was two years old, and even though I may not remember much of it, that trip was something that we frequently talked about when I was growing up in Chile. My mom loves Disney and she passed that love onto me and I grew up saving spare change in a little jar by our television to save money to go to Disney World.


I moved to Orlando in 2012 to work at Disney for the Disney College Program and once that was over, my parents bought me an annual pass. Once that expired, I went back to work for the mouse for about a year, but ever since I quit last August, I haven’t had many opportunities to go to Disney.


This year, I decided that since it’s (hopefully) my last full year in Orlando, I would treat myself to a Disney annual pass. Of course, I had to celebrate this with a quick visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios before we were off to Epcot to enjoy the Flower & Garden Festival.


We tried to go on Great Movie Ride but it was down, so we just went to Starbucks for some matcha ice water (my newest obsession!) and got on the bus to Epcot.

I felt cute yesterday, so of course I had to take a selfie on the bus before going outside and spending the next seven hours sweaty and gross.


I didn’t get a picture of my full outfit, but I did take this picture of my accessories yesterday.

Once in Epcot, we went back to Starbucks for more matcha ice water, only for them to charge us three dollars instead of the usual 85 cents it costs. We’re not sure if it was just the cast member who rang us up wrong or if they started upcharging matcha ice water, but if they did, I’ll be really sad. We were expecting to spend the rest of the day walking around the World Showcase, eating and drinking the yummy food and drinks around the world, but I think we both forgot that while the Flower & Garden Festival does have a lot of booths, it’s no comparison to the Food & Wine Festival in the fall. Regardless of that, we did enjoy some delicious food and drinks and it’s made me all the more excited to have a pass for Food & Wine in the fall!


The highlight of the day for me was going to the Canada pavilion and getting emotional (like I always do, for some unexplainable reason) about the O Canada movie. This time at least I have a valid reason to get excited, since I’ll be going to Canada for the first time in September!

The other highlight was the macaron I ate in the France pavilion, of course.

It was a great first day as a passholder, and I can’t wait to go back for more.

Little Mix by Collection makeup haul

I’ve wanted to get some of the Little Mix makeup ever since a friend of mine on tumblr posted about it, but since they only sell it in the UK, I haven’t had a chance to get anyone to send it to me until now. Thanks to my good friend Nic, who is studying abroad in Nottingham right now, I was able to buy it online and have it shipped to her dorm, and then she shipped it to me!

Getting it was a whole ordeal, but thankfully it arrived safe and sound yesterday. What really happened was that my mailman didn’t deliver it because apparently there wasn’t a safe location for delivery, and when it got back to the post office, they thought the date on the package said 3/6 instead of 5/6 and they were about to send it back to England because they thought it had been here for two months and I hadn’t picked it up. Thankfully, I arrived just in time and I was able to pick it up yesterday.

So what I got was:

These are the swatches for Jesy’s trio eyeshadow palette. I’m not a huge fan of the dark brown one but the other two have very good pigmentation and I can’t wait to try them out!

These are the swatches for the All About the Eyes palette. From top to bottom, the colors are: feather, sunkissed, golden sand, dazzling brown, cocoa dream and blackbird. I wasn’t originally going to get this one but the colors are exactly what I like to wear and for drugstore makeup, they seem to be really good quality!

Out of everything I got, I was most excited for the lipsticks! From top to bottom, they are: Jesy, Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne. I haven’t actually worn them yet but the colors are SO NICE and even if I have probably like five different red lipsticks that look just like those, I’m still really excited to wear them. The Jade one looks like a really nice color for when I don’t want to have obnoxiously bright lips (but when don’t I?) and the Perrie one is a really nice shade of purple that’s unlike anything else I have.

These were kind of an impulse buy and I’m not sure how much I’ll actually wear them but they were so cheap I figured I’d go for it. From top to bottom, they are: Jade, Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne. I’m not sure if I’ll even like them a little bit but everyone needs some colorful eyeliner in their life, right?

I’ll probably post something else about the makeup once I actually get around to wearing it! Thanks for reading :)

Blog writing, take 1005

Every year I make the resolution to blog. Every year I say I’m going to actually run a blog that I’ll update more than just every six months, that I’ll become a blogger and share my words and feelings and experiences with people on the internet. This has been happening since I was in high school, and I’m now a senior in college.

So maybe this time it’ll stick, right?

2014 was a good year for me. I got into the major I wanted, I started dating someone amazing, I moved in with my best friend. I was happy in 2014, and then 2015 happened and things slowly started to crash and burn around me.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. It still isn’t. School is great, I’m graduating in the fall, I’m moving in with my little sister in August, I have two internships this summer, I love my job and where I work. But after almost a year, I’m single, my best friend and I are no longer best friends, and I just feel sad a lot. So this is my way of trying to see the positive in life, because I’m not good at dealing with sadness. Anger, I can deal with. Happiness, I’m great at. Sadness? Not so much.

So here we go. I realize 2015 is almost halfway through, but I’m choosing this summer to be the start of the rest of my year, where I’ll work hard, spend time with my loved ones, pick up the pieces and move on.

And maybe this blogging thing will stick.